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You Can Relax Your Screen Time Rules

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the worldwide lockdown has affected every single being on this planet. We have been talking about our mental well being and how we are coping with it. But what about our kids?

We have household chores to do, and we have our work from home. What about them? Especially the preschoolers, who are yet to adjust themselves to schooling or learning through video calls. Today, my daughter’s school teachers took the initiative to connect to the students again so that they will be in the learning loop and also cheer them.

As summers have approached, the days have become longer, and even if you engage them with activities, drawings, paintings, fitness exercises, etc there is still time left them to keep them engaged.

So What To Do?

As a working parent, I confess here that I cant plan daily activities for my kid regularly. The best thing that I could do is keep her by my side and allow her to do whatever she wants to, while I work or if I am in the kitchen. Now, I have been in a privileged and fortunate position with my employer who has understood, but so is not the case with my husband.

Earlier this year, my laptop broke down and I have been wanting to give it to the service center, but something or the other kept me in doing so and the, because of the lockdown, I couldn’t at all, so I had to share laptop with my husband, so if I am working, he is not, or if he is working I am not. That made a very tight schedule for us, and in between my daughter wanted to learn painting. That’s when the situation got worst and we decided to increase the screen time(TV time) for our daughter.

I sometimes feel those parents are blessed who live in a joint family, the guilt of screen time then becomes less. Even after reading blogs upon blogs about how we’ve all relaxed our screen time limits worldwide during the coronavirus lockdown, describing the specifics of our new weekend routine still feels a bit shameful. While experts seem to agree that these are extraordinary times, you don’t see them recommending for four-hour marathon sessions of Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom or Peppa Pig.

I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit how I could clean up the house (n number of times) and cook, finish up work along with the blog and promote it a little while my daughter zone out to her favorite shows. Moreover, the content which the kids are watching must always be checked out once. While finishing up with the household chores my husband and I were getting some time off the questions and engaging and not beating ourselves up over it. At least later we were left with more energy for actual family time.

On the other hand, we don’t count toward screen time limits, or we encourage our kids to use digital devices for creative endeavors, for instance, learning to draw. It’s easy to feel guilty about when your kid is watching her fav shows.

Maybe I may be just deceiving myself and making excuses for bad parenting. But when I checked on with my other mom friends, I was relieved not to get any blowback.

We as parents need to think about our and our kid’s mental health too, and if that’s going to take some of the pressure off of you and them in this highly unusual, very difficult situation, I think that’s understandable. Although it’s understood that we still need to have some rules. Moreover, I have seen my daughter herself shut the TV off in an hour or so. Then I don’t have much to rant about.

Some days, minimizing screen time is going to be a priority. Other days, it’s just not.”

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