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Work-Life Balance

Over the period of time I have written many times about working moms and if I’ll get money every time how I balance mom life and work, I could have easy earned a lot.

It’s true. Balancing mom life and work is something that many individuals like to know how to do well as well as many individual try to do well. If  I am asked the question, I generally reply with something I believe doing always, such as learning how to prioritize employing a  system or the well-known method to getting things done i.e. the 3 D’s, Do, Delegate & Drop.

With the change in every individuals schedule due to coronavirus outbreak, I too often nowadays found myself working late or rising up early when my daughter is asleep or replying to work emails and checking my social media. Often I have heard other moms saying that why to get into such a mess, handling household chores is in itself chaotic.

To me, it’s a personal choice. And for that if I had to balance my life, so be it.

The myth on the subject of how children of working parents with work-life separation or no work-life balance incline to suffer or feel unloved couldn’t be far from the reality. I belong to a middle class working family whose parents both work. While they both worked my sister and I never felt like we were unloved, being ignored or not being given the attention that we needed when we were growing up. If anything, my raising has taught me the value of persistence and hard work. Well this might not be with other individuals who suffer from serious mental traumas.

On a lighter side the best part of working is to challenge yourself everyday to bring out the best version of you. So without further ado, I’d like to share my version of balancing work and life.

  • Do everything in moderation
  • Schedule ‘me’ time
  • Focus on the big picture – What you want out of your career and your life?
  • Ask help and support from others
  • Realise that nothing lasts forever

Thank you for reading!

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