Why we Shouldn’t Compare Ourselves With Others

In this time of the Internet and the online networking, comparing ourselves with others has never been less demanding. The only thing we need to do is simply log on any social media platform to see what our friends are doing, or what they’re looking like, and we can compare them and our own lives. This kind of comparison can act as either motivation for us to do better or can have detrimental effects too.

We all have lived most of my life comparing our self to others. In the very beginning, as a baby you are compared from other babies on how fast you started tummy time, sitting, smiling, giggling, crawling, walking, potty training, feeding yourself……etc. etc…(phew www) and then it was school, sports, singing, dancing the list continues with grading. As you get older, you yourself, by the time, began comparing yourself on other metrics: job title, income, house size, and otherworldly achievements. So you see comparison becomes an integral part of our lives and we actually grow up with them.

Certainly, I’m not the only one I would say to experience this.

When we jump down that road, we never discover an end. At this stage, damage begins. In any case, it is a choice that single-handedly takes happiness from our lives, leading predictably to our own destruction, which is slow but a painful one. It becomes so important to this extent that we are unable to break free from the chains & confinement that it places before us. This makes me present why you should not compare your life with others:-

Demeans your self-confidence

Mark Twain said that Comparison is the death of joy. Your feeling of self is needed; it’s what encourages you to connect and accomplish things. Without a feeling of self, it’s easier to break and become extinct.

Nobody is perfect

You can’t be good at everything. So, why brood over pointlessly? Liberate yourself and enjoy your ‘imperfections’.

Causes resentment

Comparison causes resentment towards others and also towards ourselves.

Distract us from our true passion in life

You have nothing to achieve, on the other hand, ample to lose. For eg: your pride, your dignity, your drive, and your passion.

Leads to Depression

You’ll lose the sense of joy you once had and you’ll wish if you would have been someone else. It can kill the spark which becomes hard to recover.

Affect our happiness

They are not worthy or add any meaning, or fulfillment to our lives. They simply distract us from it.

Hold us back from moving forward in our own lives

We fail to appreciate our true passion in life because we are too busy or occupied with someone else’s vision. This is the worst kind of damage that comparisons do to our lives.

Personality begins where comparisons end

Comparisons steal from you, your individuality. You look at the world through someone else’s eyes. So, you lose yourself. Needless to say, you are unique. There is no one other like you. So, just be yourself. BE YOU.


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