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Why Caring For Baby Teeth Is Important?

Some parents don’t take baby teeth seriously. They believe that these teeth are temporary, so they don’t deserve as much attention. Some even think that primary or milk teeth don’t matter much in future which often leads to their general neglect. If you too are of the same opinion, it’s then time you changed your thought and started giving more care to your baby teeth. Because some of them go on till 10-13 age and this is a fairly long time to ignore. Whether front teeth or molars or cuspids, you need to scare them as much as you would your regular teeth else there might be a risk of permanent damage to them.

Here are reasons behind caring for baby teeth –

  1. Baby teeth have effects on the development of permanent teeth

Parents should understand that baby teeth have great and long-term effects on the development of permanent teeth. If primary teeth are not provided due care, one might never be able to have a strong and perfect set of regular teeth in the mouth. Which means, caring for baby teeth in effect is caring for your permanent teeth and laying a solid foundation for future. You can’t allow the milk teeth of your baby prove detrimental to his/her oral health during adulthood.

  1. Baby teeth can develop proper chewing and eating habits

When you ignore baby teeth, it can lead to the cavity. And when cavity occurs, your child may experience some pain or discomfort while eating or chewing. On the other hand, enjoying foods pain-free becomes a reality when there is no cavity in the mouth. This is how children can chew their foods completely and perfectly, therefore, chances of bad eating habits are minimized greatly. You can clearly see how care for primary teeth is related to the way your kid can eat and develop right habits.

  1. Baby teeth provide space for the regular teeth

It’s wrong to believe that baby teeth will disappear at a certain age, so they don’t require care. Well, you should know that such teeth provide space for the regular teeth. When they are provided with care, your permanent teeth are guided into the right position. Which means care for baby teeth ensures zero dental alignment concerns or risk in future. You should also know how badly shaped or poorly aligned teeth can harm oral health and weaken tooth structure in a big way. For that reason, you should care them as diligently as you’d regular teeth.

  1. Baby teeth lead to the normal development of the jawbones and muscles

Face and jaw muscles play an important role in oral health. They, however, need exercise to develop better. Only baby teeth can allow these muscles to exercise through chewing of foods. If jaw muscles are not properly developed, this may have a negative impact on the development of the baby’s jawbones. You can clearly see how primary or milk teeth deserve care in the same way as permanent teeth and you should not ignore that ever. Else, your child may grow into an adult with increased risks of oral health at every stage of the way.

  1. Baby teeth can ensure proper development of speech

As a parent, you should give as much care to baby teeth as possible to pave the way for a healthy life in future. If you don’t do that, chances of missing teeth can increase affecting your child in many ways. And if your child has missing teeth, he/she can develop speech problems at an early age itself. This is how speech-related issues can keep troubling them in later stages of life. You can benefit from bayside family dentistry and know more about the issue.


This post is contributed by Sawoni Chowdhury, she happens to be a prolific blogger who has worked closely with the reputed and top dentists since many years now and has written extensively on various topics on dentistry and other medical fields. Her focus is to assist the readers with reliable and authentic information about various dental care procedures so that they can take an informed decision at the hour of need.


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