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Very little is needed to make a happy life. An I am grateful for all the little things in my life, be it a smile on my daughters face or us laughing insanely on silly things, learning every day more and more about self and about my daughter or knowing that my parents are living contentedly. I am grateful that life has been kind to me and blessed me all the basic necessities, best wishes from my loved ones, friends who are more like family, a daughter to love and being loved(nothing can beat this), having faith to keep this up and get more.

I am also thankful for all the problems that I faced and facing in my life. If they would have less difficult I would not have learned what I have now.

With the beginning of the last month of the year, I am also setting my December goals, which I’ll be keep reading and reminding myself by the end of the year, to feel more content. So here are the goals that I have set :

To huddle under a blanket with a good book or movies and coffee or tea.

To let go of any plans or expectations and just let stuff be the way they will be.

To cherish the time I will have together with my family, knowing they are becoming farther since we all aregetting older.

To watch the sunrise each morning, keep me and my loved ones warm and to take time with my morning cup of tea.

To prioritize cuddling loved ones.

To stay focused on my own holiday season as well as put my phone down so that it should not even cross my mind to compare it with anyone else’s.

To clinch on all the joy and love which is surrounding me.

To take heed deeply, speak mindfully and laugh loudly.

When things will get too much, to remind me to take deep breathes and enjoy as well.

To stop concerning about the things or the future which may possibly have been in a certain way and rather center on pressing pause and slowing down on all the moments now more than ever.

To sum up everything, I want to remind myself that the only thing I would like to do this December is to live life deeply in the here and now.

I am happy, healthy and I am loved. I wish everyone else should feel the same too. So what are you grateful for today? Have you set any December goals?? Because we all set new years goal but how about setting some last months goal? Aren’t we all at some point,eleventh-hour or under the wire individuals?


  1. Beautiful post to remind me that happiness lies in the small everyday things. It’s so amazing, when we sit to count our blessings, we realize what really matters to us may not be what we have been chasing at all.

  2. End of year we all tend to rush for new beginnings, make new goals and start. However, it’s equally important to stay grateful to little moments of happiness and everyday blessings. Heartfelt post.

  3. The post struck a loud chord with me. I have just started wondering why the hurry every day. Why we don’t take the time to sit and think of the wonderful things that we are grateful for! Happy 2019

  4. Wonderful thoughts Niharika .. I try to teach this to my girls.. to atleast say thanks at the end of the day for all they have

  5. Such an awesome concept which made me include a “what are you grateful for today” section in my diary as a new year resolution.

  6. I am grateful for so much love and happiness in my life. We tend to take everything in our life for granted and forget that each day is a blessing.

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