Weekend Recap: Travelling, New Years and Family

2018, for me, ended feeling more content. The weekend began with the feeling of visiting my parents to an extension of the visit. BTW this post was lying in my drafts since last Sunday and finally today I got the chance to post it. Since a lot happened over the weekend, I’m gonna share this recap. Or should I change this recap to “the year-end that was”?

So we attended my daughter’s sports day organized by Little Millenniums. I had to admit it was an amazing feeling attending sports day almost after six-seven years however as a parent! It felt lovely to see my daughter performing with other kids. My eyes were watery half the time to see her dancing on the tunes of “one little finger” and running on the race track. To sum it up it was a great function and we enjoyed it a lot.

We then rushed to the train station, reached Nagpur (another story altogether). My daughter as always excited to visit grandparents house as she knows she can do whatever she wants, as she wants!! (Nightmare for us parents)

Malish sessions basking under the sun, mouth-watering mom cooked food, chatting, singing, dancing, going to local grocery store, playing with little puppies etc were part of the days.

Then Masi(my sister) whom my daughter fondly calls “shami” also joined us!

She finally nailed to show the sign

On Christmas day, we had a family get together at our place and all my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandma were there to make it a memorable day, as always.

Playing cards, dancing and making funny tiktok videos (which were choreographed in 10 mins and were shot in 5 mins) kept us all busy and we lost track of time for the next two days. Dancing is something which we all love in addition to the generation ahead of us. Our parents were ready to make these fun videos for us, I guess this is one of the best part being born in a family which is a huge dance lover.

Then came the New Year’s Eve, when you think of this eve, you most likely to think of lively parties, booze, glitter and eagerly counting down till midnight when the New Year starts.

But for me spending the evening by myself or with family has been always a preference, whether by circumstance or by choice!

Regardless of the reason, it lets me start the year ready and fresh than drunkenly or tiredly being awake at the very first day! Anyways, that sums ups the last week and this week is pretty much the same, as my visit to my parents are extended but I’m thankful that I get to wake up and do it all over again!

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

15 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Travelling, New Years and Family

  1. Its always best spending time with family and with grandparents kids really enjoy and learn more …look like you had a great time

  2. That’s an amazing start of the new year, celebrations don’t just mean partying or going out. We had New Year’s Eve at home, munching on some popcorns and having a nice time. New Year began with a temple visit and some good home cooked food.

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