Veg Rolls/Kathi Rolls

Indian street food has been an everlasting tale. Every section of India has its flavor in its boulevards. What’s more, we Indians are fanatic about it regardless. Although, the monsoon season is a delight for a site it does pose danger in terms of cleanliness. This pushed us more towards giving them a shot at home.

Veg rolls also called as veg kathi rolls, veg frankie is a variation of wraps. These are good for tiffin box snacks, lunch otherwise brunch and dinner too if you are bored out of the regular. It is also one of the popular Kolkata’s street food. The preparation from scratch does take time but it’s all worth. If you have ready atta dough, then it is faster to prepare. Since it a veg recipe you can experiment by mixing other veggies like cauliflower, potatoes, peas, French beans, beetroots etc. For this recipe, we added soya chunks, though you can skip it if you want and use tofu or panner.

The recipe is brought to you by me and my lovely sis-in-law Kanupriya Chakraborthy aka Piu. She is a homemaker and loves to cook. So the recipe goes like this:


For making chapaties or the covering:

White Flour(Maida)/  – 1 cup

Oil/ghee 10g

Salt to taste

Butter for roti’s

For the fillings:

Ginger-Garlic paste

Capsicum – 1 cup

Carrot – 1 cup

Onion – 1 cup

Soya Chunks – 1 cup

Oil – 1tbsp

Spice Powders




Red chilly

Black pepper

Salt to taste

Steps of Preparation:

Step 1: Take one cup of white flour(Maida), pour warm oil/ghee and add salt to it. Mix it well then by adding required quantity of water. Knead it until you make a soft dough out of it. Keep it aside for some time.

Step 2: Boil soya chunks in water add ½ tsp salt to it and keep aside for 15 mins. Meanwhile for preparing veggies, heat a pan, once it is hot add 2 tbsp of oil to it. Add onions then add ginger-garlic paste, capsicum and carrots. Add some salt, mix well, sauté it for 4-5 mins and cover it.

In a bowl, take curd to add all the spice powder and mix well.

Remove soya chunks from water, squeeze excess water from the chunks with the help of your palms and mix it in the curd mixture, blend well.

Meanwhile, veggies are almost ready, mix curd and soya chunks and sauté for five more mins and remove the preparation from the flame.

Step 3: Make round balls from the dough and roll it into flat round shape, make chapati’s otherwise you can also make laccha parathas. Heat the griddle or tawa. Place the flat-rolled dough into the tawa, let it cook until bubbles come out.

Turn it and let it cook until the bubbles get browned. Add melted butter to it and let it get a golden brown color.

Step 4: In the final step, for assembling take the roti in a plate add the cooked preparation or fillings, then add green chutni, mayo and tomato sauce.

Roll the cover and wrap it with the help of a butter paper or aluminum foil.

Your tasty and yummy easy street food is now ready to be enjoyed at home.

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