My Travel Adventures-Udaipur

I recently got the chance to visit the picturesque city – Udaipur. Well, this was not the first time we have visited the City of Lakes. But it was the first time we visited this bravura city with our daughter and my in-laws. My husband and I first traveled to this place on our first anniversary in 2014, it is one of the romantic getaways, nostalgia was in the air then, and this time too because for my daughter it was her first holiday destination.

Lake Pichola

Back in 2014, all we did was long walks in the city, as every nooks and corner of this colorful city is filled with art and talented artisans. It is nice and cozy that makes it one of the greatest places to holiday as well as look into the lives of the Rajput maharajas. The locals are very friendly plus always welcome for a chat – be it rickshawalas or shopkeepers or chaiwalas. And that is why it has become a tourist-friendly spot attracting tourists from all over the world. As a woman, it was a city that gave the feeling of woman-friendly and secure as well.

It is a city where you can sit and watch the sunset, go for long walks and dine at the rooftop restaurants. And we managed to exactly do all that in both of our trips. Covering all the explorings is not possible in a single post. So I will be accommodating in some other posts as well. Also, this will be my first post about travel, so forgive me for any mistakes.

Moreover, I will be reliving those nostalgic memories through these posts. In addition to this, I am promising myself that we will have more holidays together this year. So here are some pictures of our holiday in Udaipur as a photo feature.

A view from the Monsoon Palace
A view of the city from the City Palace
Inside City Palace

A view of Lake Pichola from the City Palace

City of Lakes

A view from Lake Pichola

City Palace – Udaipur

Inside City Palace

Overall Beautiful Palaces +Nice Weather + Greenery Everywhere + Aravalli Mountain Range + Spectacular Views of Lakes = UDAIPUR

P.S. Nice place to shop ladies, those who can bargain can perform very well here but keep in mind to check the product thoroughly!!!! 

Have you visited Udaipur? If yes, what was your experience like?



  1. Cas

    You took some great pictures! I enjoyed the post, felt as if I was there with you guys! I am glad that you could enjoy the trip as a family.

  2. They are perfect for all ages and all abilities, so long as you can walk for a few hours, you can go on a walking holiday. They are much more affordable than most sport based holidays, while still providing tons of fun and a great platform to create family memories, they can be super relaxing so you can de-stress and feel refreshed, all while ensuring you go home with a ton of excellent family photos that are different from the normal holiday snaps. If you are considering taking your family on a Mickledore walking holiday then read on to get some inspiration for your next walking holiday trip.

  3. Lovely pictures.. this place is on my travel bucket list for so long. Would go and explore this place soon,

  4. i have been to udaipur and these pictures bring back so many memories. loved reliving the memories again !

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