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Top 10 Must-Have Things for Your Next Solo Travel

Solo traveling has become the latest trend among all the ages. A solo traveler has no one to depend. Therefore, ensure that when you arrive at a destination, your essential things to arrive with you. If you are confused about the things that you should carry on your next solo travel.

Don’t worry, as per my solo travel experience, I have made a list for you. Here are the 10 must have things for your next solo trip. 

Top 10 Must-Have Things for Your Next Solo Travel

1. Hard-Shell Carry On-Suitcase

When traveling many people prefer to carry soft suitcase just because people believe that it gives them a little extra space to squeeze things in. But a soft suitcase is not a good idea especially when you are not aware of the weather of the place. During the rainy season, you don’t want your things to soak in. And therefore get a hard-shell carry on suitcase. 

2. Backpack with Padded Straps

After reaching the destination, of course, you are not going to drag your suitcase everywhere. You will then be keeping all your essentials in a backpack. And therefore, get a bag that has a broad and padded strap. This will evenly distribute the weight, and you won’t be crying about a shoulder pain later in the evening. If possible, take a waterproof backpack. 

3. Multi-purpose Shoes

You cannot go to a place with five different shoes for different purposes. And therefore, get yourself multi-purpose shoes. Ideally, you should carry only two pairs of shoes. Make sure that one of the shoes is both waterproof and durable and the other can be worn for fancy purposes. 

4. Wipes

Do you want to stay away from germs? If your answer is yes, then you need to carry with yourself plenty of different kind of wipes to ensure that you have minimal contact with germs. At least, grab a packet or two of the wipes. 

5. Water Filter Bottle

Trust me; you do not want to be dehydrated when you are not at your home place. And also, you do not want to waste money by collecting tons of plastic bottles. Therefore, carry a water filter bottle. Not only will this ensure that you remain hydrated always, but also you will end up saving money. 

6. Portable Charger

Having a solo-trip is the right way of disconnecting with the world and therefore people, therefore, try to stay away from their phone. But you never know about the emergency situation where you will need to make a call. And imagine the horror when you find out that your smartphone is running low on battery and there is no charging point near you. That’s why always carry a portable charger and all the required cords in your backpack. 

7. First Aid Kit

Prevention is always better than cure and that’s why you need to have a first aid kit with all the essentials. We recommend the following items in your first aid kit: motion sickness relief, eyes drop, anti-diarrheal tablets, allergy medicine, and an antiseptic solution and of course, the band-aid. 

8. Snack Bars

It is easy to lose track of your time once you start traveling. In the midst of your expedition, if your stomach starts growling and there is no nearby place to have food, you can grab a quick snack bar. Just make sure that you do not carry a chocolaty snack bar that can quickly melt. A snack bar will satisfy your hunger needs for quite a time. 

9. Scarf

A scarf can come handy both during summer and winter. If you are traveling to a hot place, you can use the scarf to cover your head, and if you are traveling to a cold place, you can use it to keep you warm by using it as an extra blanket. If needed, you can use the scarf as an accessory too. 

10. A Proper Wallet

There is too much to take care of when you are solo traveling. It would be best if you kept everything organized to save yourself from the hassle of finding something important within tons of other things. Carry a proper wallet where you can keep your cash, credit cards, and travel documents. If it’s a functional wallet, you will also find a room to store your keys. You can also use it to keep your passport, identity card, reservation, and itineraries details and tickets and emergency contacts. Also, if you are traveling abroad, do not forget to have several copies of your passport. 

We have covered all the essentials for a solo traveler. Next time when you are about to take a solo trip, you can use this as a checklist to ensure that you have all the essential things with you. This will allow you to enjoy a trip that is free of worry. 

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