Things About Life Everyone Should Learn #Self-development

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Have you ever wondered what are the most valuable things in life that everyone should know? What can be those life hacks? When we are in trouble or feeling low, we seek answers or say the basic facts. We all should have the opportunity to live happily. Sadly, not all of us know how. However, to attain that there are things that everyone can know to make it happen.

But How??

To make a long story short, the answer is in these: self development, career, health, productivity and success. Now most of you hopefully know all these. But if not, then you probably want to take some notes while reading this. So to start with today we will be focusing on #Self-development.

When we take steps to make changes in our life to better our self we are on the path of self development such as overcoming a bad habits and by learning new skills. Life is full of lessons. A few lessons are learned in a wink as if when you touch a hot cooker or pan, while other need time to fully understand. There is no age or too late to develop yourself and learn new skills. The foremost importance which self development could help you is to reach your full potential and regardless of the extent of the lesson, there are a few important ones everyone must know before getting out of young adulthood as well as entering their life’s next phase.

The most efficient approach of discovering out how to become better is to ask the family, friends or acquaintances around you to make a listing of your best traits and where you can make betterments. Then you can work on this list of improvements one by one. Here is what you can do:

You are what you read. 

Just like what you eat your body is a reflection of the same, and then your mind is a reflection of what you study and read. So we must fill it in with good things.

You can’t judge your path with someone else’s. 

We all have our own battles, and we all have our own accomplishments. For a reason your path is your path. So you must focus on to the lessons intended for you and you just.

Your in-group is your dream team.

 If you encircle yourself with negative individuals, your dream could die. If you encircle yourself with driven and positive individuals, your dream is very likely bloom. So it’s on you to put together your dream team in view of that.

Reflect at the end of every day.

If you truly want to make a change then you must take self-development sincerely, you must be persistently aware of how you could improve. And the solitary approach to know how to improve is if you ask and reflect yourself how and where you still require some work.

Your life is a mirror image of how fine you are familiar with yourself. 

It is always about self-awareness. The more keen you are to deal with your shortcomings, fears and conflict points, the more awareness you will have about yourself the happier you will be.

Be honest with self. Your habits can make or break you. This is the hardest part for people. You are your own judge. You have to truly be honest regarding it with yourself. No matter how much you talk about it will never set off true change.

Consistency is the key.

Self-development does not take place at once. It takes place purposely and slowly. Consistency is what makes genuinely significant change and this is what creates the course of action so unmanageable for individuals. Again it doesn’t happen just overnight, it is not just one-time fix-up-er. It is a daily lifestyle and practice.

Before you go… Do let me know below in the comments section if any of the above facts has made a change in your life and stay tuned for the next post!! And finally a food for thought:

Everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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17 thoughts on “Things About Life Everyone Should Learn #Self-development

  1. Really a great tips to self development..I really feel it’s good to understand our quality and strength to be a better person

  2. All that you’ve mentioned in the self development bracket is so true, Niharika. I specially agree when you say we shouldn’t compare our journeys & battles with somebody else’s. Also being surrounded by people who only brew negativity in your life, can be toxic & mentally draining. It’s better to move on without them.

  3. Lovely post! Totally agree that self-development does not happen at one go. We are a work in progress and the earlier we accept it the faster our self- improvement will take place.

  4. Comparison always breaks us from inside. It often shows the negative side of others and we just waste our life in becoming someone else. And forget that God has made everyone different and unique.

  5. Hey Niharika, just loved it. I can relate myself. For me, myself is the only competitor, every day I work hard to make the better version of myself. I dont compare with others because we all are an individual with different characteristics. I also ignore those people who spread negativity. I do whatever I love to do. Self-love is imp and I know this life is too short so I enjoy every single moment of it.

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