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The Secret to Improving Your Concentration

Good concentration is vital for doing your daily tasks efficiently and in a timely fashion. That’s why it’s crucial that you learn how to always stay concentrated when you’re working or running important errands. While you’re probably facing various distractions throughout the day, and possibly even multi-tasking more often than not, you’ll have to leave those habits behind and start doing one thing after another, along with a few more tricks that’ll help you stay focused on what you’re doing.

Take frequent breaks

Working for eight hours or longer can take a toll on your body and your mind, which is why you should make frequent short breaks to let the brain rest in order to be able to focus for such a long time. You don’t have to leave the office if you don’t have the chance, but you can stand up and stretch your legs a little. Make coffee or just meditate for a little while before you start concentrating on work again. Do this every time you notice that your thoughts begin to wander and prevent you from thinking about work.


Both your body and your mind need rest to recharge and be able to function properly and efficiently. Therefore, make sure you’re having enough sleep at night, so that your mind can be calm. If your mind is scattered it means that you didn’t have enough rest, so try not to oversleep or have too little sleep, but do your best to have regular sleep time. Oversleeping will only disrupt your natural rhythm and potentially make you lazy.

Play background music

If you’re working in an open-plain office with numerous co-workers, or you’re just not that comfortable reading a book in dead silence, playing background music can be of great help. Music provides non-invasive noise and pleasurable feelings, so play your favorite tunes on your computer to eliminate all the noise your co-workers may be causing. To make sure you don’t distract them from their work, invest in Shure SE846 sound isolating earphonesand all you’ll be able to hear is your favorite melodies. That’ll help you stay concentrated all the time. Classical music is one of the best choices, as it’s been proven to have soothing effects on your mental state, but if you prefer jazz, rock or some other genre, try it out and test its effects.

Don’t skip meals

Fuelling your brain with food is essential for staying concentrated. You shouldn’t be working, driving, or studying on an empty stomach, because it will have negative effects on your mind, preventing you from working efficiently. Hunger is distracting for your brain, so don’t let it make you less concentrated on your duties, but always eat before work or any important activity you need to do. Skipping breakfast will only make your adrenaline kick in, making you stressed out in return. So, mix carbohydrates with proteins, and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, which can also negatively affect your concentration.

Stay mindful

Staying focused on the present moment is one of the most important things that’ll help you concentrate on current tasks. You need to stay mindful, and not let your thoughts wander around. Only if you fully absorb yourself into the activity you’re undertaking will you be able to stay concentrated on it. Remove yourself from any visual stimuli that might try to steal your attention from your tasks, or learn how to isolate your thoughts from it and stay completely focused on what you need to do at the moment.

Staying focused on your tasks isn’t always easy, but if you try out a few of the previously mentioned activities, you’ll see that it can be done after all. Just make sure you don’t skip your meals, try to stay mindful, take frequent breaks, rest and use music to isolate all the annoying noises and see how your concertation improves significantly.

Authors Bio: Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested topics related to home design and latest DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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