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Take a Look Inside the Bathrooms of 2019/2020

In every home, the bathroom is like a little spa oasis where you relax after a hard day at work or a long, exhausting journey. However, that can be quite impossible if your bathroom is in desperate need of renovation. You decided to give it a brand new look, but have absolutely no idea where to start? That’s exactly why this is a moment for you to get informed about the bathroom trends for 2019/2020.

More Space for Storage

There are so many cosmetic products, towels, brushes and one million things that simply have to find their place in the bathroom. That can create quite a mess in an already limited space. One of the bathroom trends for the next two years is a large andpractical storage area. Put your shampoos, hairsprays, conditioners, hairdryer,shower gels and soaps inside the cabinets. Shelves should be home only to theproducts you use every day. Compartments in the drawers are a perfect place tokeep all those nail polishes, eye pencils, hair clips and so many more smallthings that always seem to magically disappear.

Mix the Materials

Marble bathrooms can look cold and uninviting, so why not add a touch of warmth? Bathroom trends for2019/2020 embrace wood as a way of making the bathroom more appealing. You can go for the oak parquet, get the sink or vanity made of wood or even put the mirror in a wooden frame. And don’t forget about glass – it is the perfect material for separating the shower cabin from the rest of the bathroom, plus it can be easily cleaned and that is a match made in heaven, don’t you think so?

Industrial Look

If you are a fan of the industrial look, then pay attention to your hardware and pipes. In other words, let your shower head, faucets and pipes be seen. Before that, it is crucial that you make sure all pipes are working properly and that your drains aren’t blocked or, even worse, about to burst. The best way to fix your pipes and drains permanently is to go for pipe relining which will spare you and your family the noise and digging in your house.


Let’s start with the basics of every bathroom – walls. If you want more light in your bathroom, then don’t choose dark colors because it will make you feel like the walls are closing inon you. Go for light tones that will brighten up your mood no matter how blueyou feel. You can add a bit of joy by purchasing a sink countertop or even atoilet in bright colors such as red, pink, blue, green or orange.

Dark shades are welcome on one wall because thanks to that you will get more depth to your bathroom. If you desperately want to have dark grey or black walls in the bathroom, then you should install white sinks and faucets, and a white bathtub and shower head.


No matter how dull your bathroom looks, you can always breathe in a new life to it with wisely chosen tiles. Next year patterned tilesare making a huge comeback into the bathrooms of the world! They can be geometric, colorful, fashionable, and even neutral, but one thing is for sure –you will always be able to forget everything and focus on that lovely patterns while you are relaxing in a bubble bath.


Before you go and buy a classic white bathtub, stop and consider the options you have. They come invarious shapes now and can express your creative spirit. A bathtub in a different color or with a two-tone finish will be quite trendy in 2019/2020. Even its place will challenge tradition, because more and more people will puta bathtub at the end of their bedroom. If you decide on that option, you can blend it with your sleeping area or separate it by placing it at the end of the room.

Bathroom of the 21st Century

Technology is present in every part of human life and in next two years it will be trendy in bathrooms as well. One of the most practical trends is the towel dryer, but alsocustomizable touch screens with a mirror with which you can control the lights or see the weather. Mirrors will come with LED lights and you will be able to detect motion or regulate temperature by one touch of the taps.

Unity of Bathtub and Shower

The eternal dilemma – a bathtub or a shower – shouldn’t bother you anymore because trends for the upcoming two years say that you can have both of them in your bathroom. Simply put a bathtub inside the shower and separate these two pieces of heaven with a glass partition from the rest of the bathroom.

When the renovation is done, give yourself a well-deserved spa treatment in your own home. Light some aromatic candles, get a glass of red wine, lay down in a bubble bath and enjoy!

Authors Bio: Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested topics related to home design and latest DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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