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Stay At Home Moms And Lockdown

In the previous few weeks, the nation has stood together in solidarity to demonstrate our admiration and respect for the ‘COVID-19 Warriors’, which incorporate healthcare workers and those occupied with other essential services. These individuals have voluntarily relinquished their wellbeing and security to guarantee that we don’t experience the ill effects of the virus. Nonetheless, I feel that we are missing out on someone to show gratitude. This legend, in the majority of the situations, stays with the family through various challenges and goes about as a warrior to protect and take care of the needs of the family against complaints at whatever point conceivable. They are obviously not named after Batwoman or Catwoman, however, in their own specific manner, they are the Superwoman, otherwise called ‘Mother’.

Since everyone is in the house, I feel like the rest of the family has entered the mother’s territory, which unfortunately she has to share lovingly with her loved ones(of course). A mother tolerates everyone’s mood-swings(including hers) and helps to deal with the current situation or any other situation, whatsoever. Basically, all-rounders and majorly furnished to manage each circumstance (sometimes faking it till making it), and the lockdown period due to the coronavirus is no special case.

Whilst we all value the essential service providers and government burning the midnight oil to guarantee the wellbeing of the citizens; moms, their efforts, and sacrifices frequently get sidelined. Truly, they might not serve a huge number of individuals or be referenced in papers for their unrewarded support of the family and home, yet they are the ones keeping it together inside the homes. Moms are basically answerable for the accomplishment of any culture.

With the weekly, daily, and hourly existence of both —kids and moms — mothers are finding it difficult to keep down their inner dragon soul from flaring up. So here’s a fair warning to all family members forwarding messages on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter: attempt your best to NOT test your significant other or mother’s tolerance meter as it will outcome in quick outcast or the wrath of ‘Momzilla’!

And so is the case with kids, they are also real superheroes to understand the pandemic situation and not bugging their parents to go out. Most importantly, while motherhood may not be viewed as a profitable job or a profession, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t communicate our gratitude towards them. Saying something as straightforward as a ‘thank you’ or a signal of helping her out sometimes, is all that is expected to express that you have incredible respect for her and are appreciative.

If there is something which I have learned from this lockdown period, it is to not treat any part of life or life overall, carelessly. Tell your loved ones you love them, give a shoulder for somebody to cry on, don’t hide your feelings, and above all, never let anyone feel that they are not valued or worth it.

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