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Something That I Cooked

I have always been an average cook. I did try my best to learn this skill, but it is just not my thing. The only thing I can do is prepare an average meal for my family (which is eatable off course) and occasionally try something new. Anyhow, today I will be sharing a simple and interesting potato recipe that I saw on TV(Epic channel to be precise) called “Aachari Aalo” and tried at home. Surprisingly it was delicious and since winters are coming to this recipe is a must try.

Before I go further ahead, this post is a part of #sweetnovemberblogchallege. You can also check out what my fellow bloggers cooked (and I must tell you they are much better than me) on Instagram under the hashtag #bloggersbae. So let’s hop on to this simple desi (Rajasthani) recipe which I hope you will enjoy:


Potatoes – approximately 2 lbs

Garlic Cloves – 1 Cup


Mustard Seeds – 2 Teaspoons

Fenugreek Seeds – 1 Teaspoon(soaked in water)

Red Chilli – 2-3

Turmeric Powder

Chili powder

Salt to taste

Oil (preferably Mustard Oil)

Coriander to Garnish

How to Prepare

Step 1: Put a little mustard oil into a pan and put it onto a medium heat. Once the oil is heated add a pinch of asafoetida, mustard seeds,fenugreek seeds and red chilies to it. Let them cook gently until the seeds begin to pop now add garlic cloves.

Step 2: Meanwhile peel the potatoes wash and cut them into medium bite-sized chunks. Put into the pan; keep stirring in order that the seeds cover the potatoes evenly.

Step 3: Once the potatoes are half cooked add turmeric, just enough to color, chili powder and salt to taste. Blend properly to spread the spices evenly.

Step 4: Turn down the heat, put on the lid and set aside the potatoes to cook till cooked through. Sprinkle a little water if necessary, but as little as possible, it should be used. The potatoes must not boil.

Step 5: Once cooked garnish it with coriander, now you can serve it with rotis(chapaties), parathas, and even rice.

So how you liked the recipe and apologies I couldn’t post it with images forgot to take them… however, do let me know in the comments section if you want me add images. Upcoming post “About the City, I am Currently Living”.

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  1. Achari Aloo is quite a regular at my home & I make it at least once a week. It’s a quick fix when you’re short of veggies & crave something tasty too. Anything with potatoes, draws hubby in! LOL

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