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Something I Can’t Live Without

This is a great question that I believe everyone should ask oneself. It really made me think what would happen if I get stranded on an Island or on a deserted Island! In addition, it made me want to know what my closed ones and friends think. So I twisted the question a little bit and asked my friends and closed ones “What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without if you were shipwrecked on anisland?”

Well off-course the obvious and smart-ass answer was Oxygen. As expected, I got alot of creative answers as well!!

Here’s what they had to say!

Music player – Swati Sachar

Mobile – Priyanka Mukherjee, Minal Waghmare along with my Mother in Law

Internet – Lokesh Mundra

Willingness to live – Kunal Mehta

Probably it would be, Cuppuccino – Indrojeet Bannerjee

I think I will have my family photo with me; it will encourage me to live and find a way out of the Island. –Shraddha Chatterjee (But her first thought was lipstick though) (Her first answer really reflected on me!!)

Drinking Water – Pallabi Bose

A Knife – My Husband Salil Chatterjee

My Father in Law asked for a Mirror!!

There were other who said books family, pets, TV, cars, chargers, laptop etc etc.

As Peter Walsh quoted

People hold onto stuff like their kids old clothing as a way of holding their past. Or they keep things they might need someday as a way to control the future.

On a lighter side, I would like to say that if I were shipwrecked on an island and the one thing that I couldn’t live without is my specs because I am half blind and losing my specs is something which I would not like to live without. It is my basic need (I hope all chashmish’s will agree with me). On the other hand, being a woman, and supposedly stranded, has been always a concern for me that how women have survived their menstruation during stone age??? What do you think? I googled it and got some really weird and factual answers.

Hope this post was interesting enough!! This post is a part of the November blog challenge. You can also check out my fellow blogger’s posts on Instagram underthe hashtag #bloggersbae and #sweetnovemberblogchallege. Upcoming post “Photo Bombed

16 thoughts on “Something I Can’t Live Without

  1. I like how you made it such a fun read. I agree I would take my son with me so that would be motivation to get out of there and he would be entertaining company too

  2. I cant even live in an isolated place…and I want many things like water, food, my son, internet. Even I cant live without talking with someone… and I cant stay alone without my son.

  3. You have tantalised many cords in this funny question. Let me guess, I can’t survive for long on an island as have huge fish allergy and I am guessing, this island will not have much of vegetation. Lol.
    About the last part, you got me intrigued for information. Googling out.

  4. What a fun read it was. I can so understand your specs bit because my elder sister is the same. Now my brain is running with million thoughts as what would I take …lol

  5. NOw even I am intrigued about the last part. Please share your findings on that:) . On the whole a lovely read, kept thinking in my mind what are the things I cant live without…seems list is long:)

  6. i dont think i can live without my kids, cant really imagine a world where they are absent, also i vote for food, water, love and compassion . thoughtful post indeed,

  7. I am not the person who can live alone I would always love to be with my family my kid my husband.. most of all is the main things I want in my life, any all comes after that.. nice post

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