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Six Approaches For Busy Moms On Making Time To Blog

Finding out time to blog is something that each blogger tussle with. Regardless of whether you have recently started or blogging as a hobby, blogging is to some degree somewhat a part time job. However for a significant number of you blogging is a full time business but still juggling work, home and a social life or among different requests like keeping up with social media accounts, working on your blog design, reading and commenting on others blogs, responding to comments, emails and messages etc… setting aside a few minutes to hit that button to publish is a constant challenge.

Have you ever wondered what life was like before you had kids?( I know I know… my little girl is only 16 months old) But certainly, there are lots of bloggers who have kids and they have great blogs/websites.

Yet, as a working mother, if I am right, everybody struggles to fit writing time into the calendar. Because of this, you probably feel discouraged when you don’t see productivity as you would like to be.

The Important thing is to try not to compare yourself to other bloggers.


Because even those who have kids of the same age as yours or younger/elder- Maybe their other half does the majority of the childcare or it could be their toddlers are sweet little angels who allow you to work and play by your side or maybe they have lots of people around paid or family to help.

But I have learned that if blogging is important to you, the first step in finding time to do it is PRIORITY. As for many people, there is a colossal difference between what they say is important and how they actually spend their time(including me, there you go, I accept it, Finally ).

The challenge many bloggers face(including me) is feeling overwhelmed and over and over again distracted by numerous other fundamentals of blogging that they think they have to do to have success.

For me right now, I focus on these areas:

Writing Content                                        Finding Readers                                          Building Community

Luckily, a few tips and techniques I learned after going through many blogs, help from the family member and determination to make more time for writing new posts and attempting to make blog fruitful.

Here are some approaches to reclaim (some) control of your time, and cut out some valuable hours for your blog.

#1: Developing a regular writing routine like straight after putting kids to bed or after dropping them off at school or in the lunch hour at your day job, if it is allowed.

#2: If you can afford it, hire help. Although most of us find it difficult to accept the fact to need help and worry that others will not do the same for you, accept it, you can’t do it all, right, by yourself. Often paid help is not a realistic option, so getting you partners to take more of household chores or if grandparents can help occasionally can help a bit.

#3: As I work from home, multitasking offers me best option to peruse my goals for blogging. Multitask when Appropriate like jotting down ideas and outlines for blog posts while cooking food (for now I am using Google keep to make notes), metal blogging while I am in the shower (I call the shower ideas),etc..

#4: Don’t let guilt to stop you from blogging, as for some other reason, working moms feels to constantly entertain & interact with their kids, if not able to, they feel guilty. We never felt neglected when our mothers were working. So there is no shame in setting up kids to entertain themselves for few hours.

#5: Make schedule adjustments to make time for blogging. If there are any tasks that you can get done in less time, or if there are any tasks that you can simply take off of your schedule. You will find an extra hour or more per week, and you’ll be surprised at how much your productivity can be increased. Make purchases on the internet rather than going to the store.

#6: Become a tech geek, there are an amazing number of apps, tools, and utilities to make blogging easier and more efficient and ensure that your posts are free from grammar errors and poor writing.

If these approaches do not work for you, maybe you can find a few solutions of your own.

Share What Are Your mantra for Finding Time to Blog?


What I’ve written above is just a beginning. I am by no means an expert on this and interested in learning from your experience.


  1. Well, very informative post that would surely help moms! And yeah I would share this one for sure. Great post!

  2. These are some really great tips for moms and mommies-to-be. I don’t have kids yet so I can manage my time but I know how difficult it can get once you get busy with kids. Thanks for sharing this post. 🙂

  3. I have a hard time finding a perfect schedule for writing content for my blog. But most of the time it’s during late night after I have finished all my duties as a mom. So, I guess this sched really fits me.

  4. Gosh this is so true, I feel like after work, I am taking care of my family, in the evenings I am exhausted, but take time for my blog and social media, and on weekends I want to spend time with my family. So the little things I can do, I just do them on the go. Great suggestions.

  5. Joanna

    I think everyone struggles to find time for the blog, if they don’t do it full time. I have a full time job so I usually dedicate my evenings to the blog. Multitasking is definitely great and there are some great apps out there to help us schedule and take a little bit off the pressure of the workload.

  6. I am just starting my blog, and the thing that I am struggling right now is trying to understand how certain tools or apps work on my blog haha

    1. Believe me if you are doing it all on your own…with a kid by your side…you will be still figuring out a lots of things after starting 3 months

  7. AJ

    Easy to understand steps. I’m sure this is helping some moms out right now.

  8. Marissa | Diytified

    I do shower ideas too but sometimes I forget what my ideas were lol. I need to write stuff done. I say, when out and about, take advantage of free WiFi and I use that time to promote on social media. My kids don’t nap so naptime isn’t an option for me. I also use my break at work to free write ANF that usually develops into a post.

  9. Thank you for sharing some great time management tips! I am really working on the FT working Mom/blogger scheduling game lately…great tips on multitasking. I love Google Keep!

    1. Thanks for reading this Katie😊

  10. These are great tips! One day when we can afford regular help, that is the first thing I am getting!

  11. writing routine is something I need to develop. Awesome tips

  12. This is a great post, and your advice is spot-on! One of the biggest things I’ve found helpful in starting to inch my blog forward this year, so I can plan ahead a little more instead of just keeping up with the current week’s post, is starting to bullet journal. Having this analog system that I can use to sketch notes, post ideas, schedule-planning, bullet points, and long-term goals while sitting in pickup/drop-off lines (or when our internet is on the fritz and rebooting) has been SO helpful!

    1. Great idea dear!! its true we cannot totally rely on on the internet too

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  14. Great suggestions! I tend to try and take one day a week to sit and write a pile of blog posts then I schedule them in. If anything happens during the week I blog about it too but I don’t feel much pressure because I know I have other ones scheduled to go off 🙂

    1. I tried to do so…but sometimes I miss the whole week…🤔

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