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Seven Facts About Scuba Diving That Will Make You Think Twice

It is safe to say that we all have dreamt of flying, however underwater, Noo Not Really!! We all have seen documentaries of the amazing underwater marine life. But when asked to experience it personally, most of us take a step back to contemplate or refuse. However, once you find yourself offshore in the middle of the amazing underwater marine life, you crave it more.

Any place you dive, it’s amazing to hear how others have encountered that dive and you will often end up sharing your before & after dive stories. Numerous friendships have begun during a dive and even relationships!

My Before & After Story

Early in the morning at around 7:30 am we were handed a declaration needing our signatures that we were consciously choosing by opting for this activity. The form asked all sorts of health-related questions along with instructions to follow. Having no clue of what we were getting into my husband and I handed over the forms smiling at each other and wondering who will go first because we couldn’t go both at the same time (coz someone hand to stay back and watch over our daughter).

The instructor looked at me and said: “Ma’am, please change into the diving suits we’ll go first and Sir will go second.” I could see the grin on my husband’s face and saying Haan Haan tum Jao phele!! (You go first). I was numb while I was changing, had no idea what was about to happen. I had no idea until I entered the water.

As the instructor from Eco Diver was fixing the oxygen cylinder on my shoulders and the weight harness around my waist, he instructed me regarding the gears, their function, and the hand gestures to be used for underwater communication. He also explained that the pressure in the deep sea makes the ears pop like it does when you are flying and what to do when that happens.

Few instructions always identical if you go for scuba diving anywhere in the world, such as:

  • Learn the basic hand signals to communicate underwater
  • Learn how to equalize your ears
  • Learn how to breathe on your regulator, slowly and deeply

Why Scuba Diving??

Now up until here, if you are a first-timer, you will have second thoughts. But, once you are done with these steps, the dive began. As you are underwater, your first reflex would be to breathe heavily since there is nothing natural to breathe underwater. Slowly then you adapt yourself to the environment and as you realize that this world is even larger and more affluent than yours, the experience opens up a new field of possibilities such as

  1. You gradually start to breathe underwater
  2. The zero-gravity feeling where you can move up and down with not much effort
  3. Meeting creatures you didn’t even know subsisted, this also gives a feeling of being an alien in another world
  4. The peaceful and quiet underwater world relaxes you.
  5. Meeting other divers
  6. Did you know, the money spent on scuba diving is used to protect marine life?!
  7. Finally, it’s all in your mind, it’s not that hard.

Many individuals want to attempt scuba diving, at least once in their life. And if you find yourself in a place where diving is done, it is the perfect opportunity. Make it exciting and enjoy even yourself by sharing-out this moment with someone you love! Well, now there you have more reasons to go diving and that is absolutely the best gift you can give to your mind and body along with your loved ones.

If you have never dived before, what’s holding you back? What is your reason?

17 thoughts on “Seven Facts About Scuba Diving That Will Make You Think Twice

  1. Great article Niharika. And we also did scuba diving in Andamans. But I did the boat jump one. It was the most amazing experience ever.

  2. This is in my bucket list from when even now I don’t remember but really want to do soon ….It must be a great experience for you !!

  3. Seems you enjoyed a lot in scuba diving. I’ve never done this before. The tips you shared would help a lot

  4. Omg!! You did this. I have a doubt Can I do? After reading your blog I can say that this would be the most thrilling and memorable experience of your life. What do you say?

  5. After watching ZNMD I so wanted to try scuba diving too. However I can’t swim and that scares me to attempt it. You seem to have enjoyed it though!

  6. This post is a great courage booster for my daughter, she has been after me to learn scuba diving. It takes a moment of courage to take the plunge and rest is amazing expereince.

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