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Seven Facts About Relationships And Setting Boundaries That You Might Have Not Considered

If I ask if in a given circumstance whom you will choose your partner or your kid, what will be your answer?

Well, of course, kid!! Right!! They are our life, and we couldn’t live without them!!

Now fast forward twenty and thirty years, your little one is independent now and now has a family of own. Now, whom you will choose, your partner, or your kid?

Now I think you are smart enough, to understand the situation that I want to explain here. The responsibility of caring for your little one and prioritizing them over everything else eats of your marriage. In the earlier days of parenting, the transition to parenthood is the most stressful time in a couple’s life and comprehending each other during this time, helps to sail the boat swiftly.

Researches have shown that Kids thrive in secure surroundings and maintaining a healthy relationship can be one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids. And the worst thing parents could do is neglect their relationship and plant all their attention on their kids.

While we see couples going on weekly date nights, it’s not always easy to happen and the majority of cases don’t happen at all.

So the question is what we can do??

  • You can give a hug at the end of the beginning of the day until you feel both your bodies relax. It surely helps our brains to stay connected and feel safe regularly.
  • Standardizing your check-ins whether it is emotional, personal, work or financial on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Try and make time to reflect together, for this, do at least one activity together and this quarantine time is the best time to do so.
  • I am blessed to have a partner who can work on a pressure point to release pain or de-stressing, and I too have learned a few tricks from him, as a small shoulder or foot massage does help to bond.
  • Now if you have a babysitter at home or live with your –in-laws, you can get out of the house once in a while without kids for rest, its just wait I guess.
  • Kids aren’t the only ones who want to play. Integrating lighthearted moments into your day could go a long way towards reminding you and your partner that you’re more than just in marriage.
  • Pulling out jokes on each other gives out a reason to laugh at each other and be silly that is necessary for a relationship, and good for our kids to see.

While I am not an expert on relations and still have been learning every day, the above-mentioned points have helped me to create a light environment at home and an attempt to stay connected to the partner. I guess once our kids get older, it would become easier to prioritize the relationship. 

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