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Seven Essential Things Every Woman Must Know About Herself

A woman plays a great many roles in her lifetime. Being an ambitious daughter, beloved lover, multitasking homemaker, a super busy working woman and above all a loving mother defines you. You attend various classes, get all the knowledge about healthy food you can gather up from the internet (counting the WhatsApp ka gyan), eat a fibrous diet and drink fresh juices. You believe yourself perfectly healthy. Well, it might not always be the case. Some other aspects which describe your health too are your overall emotional and mental well being and your hormones.

Sharing with you is a list of things every girl/woman must know which determine your health:

1)  Knowing your family’s medical genetic history:

You might be prone to some diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. if your grandparents or parents had them. It is very imperative to be familiar with your genetic history so that your doctor will accordingly advise you to take on a suitable lifestyle to keep cornered these diseases.

2)  Take good care of your body and mind:

Women’s hormones contrast than men’s; you are more vulnerable to depression as well as in all probability to go to meet your maker from a heart attack in contrast to men. Although, men have more probability of a heart attack, however, women have more probability of dying subsequent to a heart attack. Also, women are twice as probable to experience symptoms of mood swings, depression and anxiety as men. Therefore you must take good care of your body and mind by exercise, practicing meditation (if you can) and proper diet.

3)  Keep a tab on crucial numbers:

I recently saw “I feel pretty”, (spoiler alert!!)it is a story about a woman who fights with notions of inadequacy and insecurity on a regular basis, wakes from a minor head accident considering she is unexpectedly the most capable and beautiful woman on the planet. Later reality struck and she realizes that it was only her all the time!!

The beauty and cosmetic industry give us a lot of stress to be the perfect physical beauty parameters. Post pregnancy too, most women are put under the pressure and advice to lose weight and to get the body back!! God forsake, all the weight loss sweating and diets battle is no significant to the mental stress which you take. Keep Calm, and make peace with your body, exercise to maintain your mind and body healthy. Discipline and consistency is the key. Never let anything else rule YOU! Have regular check-ups, which most women avoid because keeping up BMI, cholesterols, BP, etc at all ages would indicate you better about your health.

4)  Your diet impacts your fertility:

Yes, I learned this before my pregnancy, the food you consume unquestionably makes a variation to your fertility levels. If you cut out important nutrients from your food, then it could negatively affect your hormones. This leans towards lowering your likelihood of conceiving a baby even when you are young. So, keep a check on giving your body with necessary micronutrients like potassium, iron, calcium etc. If you are planning a baby at a later age, afterward it happens to be demanding to stick to a healthy diet to maintain your fertility levels via food as suggested by your doctor.

5)  PMS indicates an imbalance in hormones:

It indicates an unbalance in your progesterone and estrogen levels which could be simply corrected by adopting micronutrients like amino acids, minerals and vitamins via food and supplements. If you are frequently experiencing PMS symptoms like feeling low, breast tenderness, bloating, cramps, pimples and acne etc. then it is not normal.

6)  Body change after puberty, childbirth and menopause:

It is difficult and confusing to accept the fact that your body will never be the same after reaching puberty, after pregnancy as well as after menopause. Your body chemistry change and Hormonal transitions happen. Gaining weight, lose bone density or have skin allergies are all normal. Get your doctor’s advice to deal with them and not follow internet or WhatsApp ka gyan.

7)   Your fertility goes down after thirty:

Your body changes after you hit thirty. You might plan a baby in your 30ies or late, but do remember after thirty your biological clock starts ticking(still no pressure, it is your body, your life and your ways) and after 35 your fertility falls swiftly with each passing year.

So its crucial to prioritize your health and get the mind-body balance as well as to live an active and healthy life!


25 thoughts on “Seven Essential Things Every Woman Must Know About Herself

  1. This is an excellent post. Would like to share this with my gal pals so that they understand many less discussed aspects.

  2. Okay, I’ll keep these in mind. I must admit I don’t know all the points about myself so good to think about.

  3. Very interesting. There is so much that we might change about our lifestyle if we knew some of these things! I wish all women health!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I think every woman should read this. I found no. 2 most interesting. However, I’ll keep all of them in mind.

  5. this are very good reminders! i think each woman should know this as we age as I know a lot of women having issues of there body image. knowing this changes before hand will help one to prepare for it.

  6. This is a great list. Knowing family medical history is so important. I realised it during my pregnancy when my doctor told me about it. Thanks for this information

  7. This is such an excellent post and a great reminders to all women out there. Keeping ourselves healthy will help us in our everyday lives.

  8. This is such an excellent post and a great reminders to all women out there. Keeping ourselves healthy will help us in our everyday lives.”

  9. Staying healthy is definitely important for all genders. Both physical and mental health are equally important as the body and mind has to be in synch.

  10. These are all really important things women need to know bout themselves, especially the ones that have to do with fertility. I didn’t know some of those. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I have to check my bone density. I’ve heard that you are supposed to when you get my age, but I keep putting it off.

  12. It really is so important for women to do all the exams and check ups they can to make sure their health is good. And definitely knowing your genetic history is key to making sure you’re more knowledgeable of any concerns.

  13. thank you so much for this amazing list , i am sometime very careless with my body sometimes but i will definitely try to start caring more for myself,

  14. Very important piece of information, and yeah very important points raised in this post, thanks will share it with my wife. this will help her i suppose. Thanks

  15. Very interesting points covered! To add to it, we must all know our source of happiness and peace. In an action packed life, we mostly forget about this!

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