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Road Tripping With Your Little One

To grandma’s house!! Here we go!!

And then we found ourselves in the car for 5 whole hours. My husband and I always love to take road trips even before having our daughter. But our love for travel doesn’t stop there, we took around 8-9 road trips to our parents place apart from train journeys(flight journeys are still about to happen). A lot of our friends and family members thought that we were crazy to travel with an infant(3 months old) who was on breastfeeding. However, every travel has turned out to be a wonderful experience.

So here I am sharing my experience & learning from road trips with infant baby (in India, precisely central India) with the hope that it makes you shed any nervousness and fear of traveling with babies.

Experience 1: Travelling as a nuclear family
Although an extended family member or hired help can be very helpful as it is almost impossible to handle all by yourself. However, we had to go alone in this madness. All thanks to breastfeeding. If you are not shy enough to breastfeeding on the go then it can be a blessing, trust me.

Experience 2: Always overpack for the baby
While on the road, you never know, during emergencies what might not get, so don’t leave anything to chance and take extra supplements of everything for the baby, even if it means under packing for yourself. Trust me even after you pack everything, there is something or the other for which you’ll have to run to buy. So don’t worry, breathe in and breathe out.

Experience 3: Babies love to experience new environments
One of the things which we were terrified of being a new parent was that the baby would be cranky about the travel & new place. But to our surprise, she thoroughly enjoyed the ride, sleeping & watching the road. After all, she took after our genes. (and was traveling since she was conceived) it was an eye-opener for us.

Experience 4: Pick the best time to drive
Leave as early as possible or go an hour or two prior to babies nap time, this approach when the novelty of the things or toys to look at and so on starts to wear off, they’re heavy-eyed. Mine for all time sleep in advance or a little over their general nap time on a drive. If it’s an early morning drive, we leave in a flash upon waking her up to get an before time start.

Experience 5: Stop for breaks
Stopping for a halt is an imperative element of any road trip not only for the driver in addition for the co-passenger and baby. Since everybody necessitates to stretch their legs and some fresh air. These breaks will also give time to BF or if you are weaning, feed your baby whatever you pack to keep their stomach full. The best snacks to pack for a drive …
• Sandwiches
• Fruits like grapes, apples, banana
• Snack/muesli bars
• Dal khichdi
• Upma etc.

Experience 6: Safety
The most important of all for your baby is his/her safety. In India, infants are not required by law to be strapped into car seats, and many mothers hold their babies on their lap in the passenger seat or back seat and find car seats not practically possible always. So there are safer alternatives like travel safety vests, harness, and hammocks.

Our daughter came out to be a more active one from these trips and for days she wanted to be outside looking at people, so much so that we got tired of taking her out in the park or in the garden every day. So all of you who are thinking about planning a road trip or traveling with your baby – You must Go Ahead & Do It!!!


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