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My Reverse Bucket List

You know how from time to time, although you care for and love them, people in your life (the ones who have it altogether compared to you) may possibly make you feel like you have not achieved anything in life(I am not talking the word Loser here coz I think nobody is a loser! How sweet of me 😛 !!!)

So Yeahhhh. It happened to me of late. Now I know that we should not compare ourselves with others, and I am not comparing myself to anyone, trust me I don’t want to do that anyway. But I think since it’s the last month of 2017 thus it’s the time of the year to just glance at the past and do the reverse bucket list thingy.

Before now I believe everybody knows what a bucket list is – a listing of things which you would like to achieve before you lash out the bucket. As I have said on my earlier post on How to Live the Really Best Bucket List about striking a balance (because mum life and chasing dreams need a lot of balancing) and also wanting to have simple pleasures.  It can be about people, not places or things. Conversely, I believe that it’s likewise imperative to look back plus make a listing of the things which you’ve by now accomplished. Specifically, MAKE A REVERSE BUCKET LIST!!!

Now I know people out there with their listing are about 1000x grander than mine, but these are my accomplishments and I own it.

Hence with no further ado, I present to you my Reverse Bucket List – a listing of all the things I’ve accomplished which I’m super proud of. Some huge, others subtle. All that played a role in crafting me into the one (haha… but seriously) that I am today.

Read. Be encouraged. And go make your own listing of at least 50 things.

  1. Be location independent of my work
  2. Learn to tell the hard truth
  3. Saved and pay my own way through a trip to Goa with limited amount of money, survived their and enjoyed during college times
  4. Begin a blog
  5. Get paid to write (yeaahh it happened after I started this blogging website!!)
  6. Be in love with myself
  7. Become my own boss
  8. Read somewhere around 50 novels
  9. Binge watched many movies and TV series (Ha Ha PS. This is why I sometimes don’t pick calls)
  10. Made a baby
  11. Heard my daughter say “Maa” for the first time
  12. Took around 5-6 road trips with hubs and my daughter in 2017
  13. Tried yoga, not my cup of tea
  14. Learned to knit
  15. Rode a camel
  16. Rode a horse
  17. Rode a bull
  18. Got kissed by an Orangutan
  19. Bathed in the Narmada
  20. Ridden a motorbike
  21. Experienced snowfall
  22. Seen hail the size of golf balls
  23. Skiied
  24. Seen the sun rise over the ocean, Seen the sunset over the ocean
  25. Watched someone wake up, register my presence and smile a smile full of love
  26. Be in love
  27. Experience total heartbreak
  28. Be a total heartbreaker
  29. Change someone’s life whom I’ve never met
  30. Lived away from home for around a decade for studies and work
  31. Learn everything I want to Know about a subject
  32. Travel to another country
  33. Saw a show at the Alcazars in Thailand
  34. Fed Giraffes
  35. Eat squid
  36. Spent some time without any money in Thailand
  37. Get a professional massage
  38. Seen Halley’s Comet
  39. Slept under the stars
  40. Ride a roller coaster
  41. Ride a double-decker bus
  42. Lived months without TV
  43. Made jewelleries
  44. Color my hair
  45. Grow my hair past my belly button
  46. Go to a concert
  47. Be able to play an instrument
  48. Be on city newspaper
  49. Weigh your ideal weight
  50. Played handball from school team

And the listings go on and hope to continue to go on as I continue to take more and more control of my life and LIVE as I KNOW I deserve the best damn life I can create.

Now your turn!! Make your own listing of 50 accomplishments (nothing is irrelevant), moreover post it here in the comments so that I would know too.

Rejoice your past and get ready to shake your world when you see just how amazing you already ARE.



  1. WOW. I absolutely love this idea. We are way too focused on what we want rather than what we have. Love love love this post!

    1. I am glad you liked it Toni… Now you make your own list… I am sure you will feel great after that

  2. this is so great! loved this reverse list idea 🙂

    1. Thanks for the read shikha😍

  3. Nandini

    This thought really stuck me…… Thanks for this piece…. I’ll actually make my own list now…… A very thoughtful writing……

  4. This was nice and eye opening. I have done 40 out of 50 pointers, makes me happy 😀

  5. This list is really needed for days ahead and what one wants to do and how to go about achieving them. Too much focus on aimless things have diverted our attention.

  6. Hey, You have an amazing and creative blog and I really enjoyed reading your articles.

  7. Hey dear, You hv an asm and creative blog. such I really like your articles.

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