Remodeling Tips and Tricks for Luxurious Home Results

There are plenty of new design trends that you can draw inspiration from and remodel your home the way you like best. However, if your goal is to achieve a luxury feel, there are some basics that you need to deal with first, especially when it comes to remodeling ideas. You may want to create a home that seems luxurious when on a budget, for your own personal satisfaction, or you may want to increase your home’s resale value. Whatever your ultimate remodeling goals is, as far as a luxury vibe is concerned, the following tips and tricks can be very effective.

Repaint your home

This is the simplest remodeling process that you can easily deal with on your own. A fresh coat of paint can make a tremendous difference when it comes to the look of your home. If you have luxury in mind and are looking for ways to boost your home’s value, the safest bet would be to stick to neutral wall colors all the way. However, if you want that fancy feel for your own pleasure, you may also want to look into jewel tones since these have been very popular lately and can definitely make the interior look a lot more glamorous and richer. On the same note, you can play with wallpaper as well. However, when luxury is your goal, you should be very careful with how you use your wallpaper. If you really want something extra, use it as an accent wall piece and focus your attention on simpler vintage-inspired patterns or geometrical shapes.

Quality furniture

You don’t have to replace every piece of furniture you own in order to create a luxe home feel (unless you really want to). The best way to go about your furniture is to maybe invest in the statement or most important piece in the particular room. For a bedroom, this can be a bed while for the living room, this can be a coffee table or a sofa. With heavy and rich-feeling pieces like these you can work with what you already have. You can give your old wooden furniture new finishes to make the wood darker and warmer. Also, you may want to try reupholstering some of your chairs and sofas as well.

The luxury of details

Adding warmer metallic finishes (brass and antique gold for instance) to details such as curtain rods and fixtures is also a great way to make the interior appear more luxurious. Obviously, you can achieve great things with proper choice and placement of textures. Look into curtains and cushions that have the lux vibe and invest in lustrous jute rugs for added comfort and appeal. You can also replace your light fixtures entirely and go for picture frames that feel expensive as well. Finally, one of the most interesting tricks when luxury homes are concerned is the replacement of door and cabinet knobs. You can get inexpensive ones online that actually look really fancy and can make the whole storage piece transform. Together with rich foliage of indoor plants planted in sleek and well-designed plant pots, you can create a luxury atmosphere efficiently and easily. This is especially valuable for those of you who plan to keep on living in the home after the remodeling process.

Bathroom and kitchen

Upgrading your bathroom and kitchen is essential for your luxury remodeling, and especially if you want to boost your home’s value. For starters, plumbing should be in excellent condition. Don’t go upgrading other things until you take care of the plumbing. A definitive luxury investment when the bathroom is concerned is a freestanding tub. If necessary, replace the tiles. Start with ones that are broken, of course. You don’t have to replace the whole toilet if it’s perfectly functional, but you should replace the toilet cover for added appeal. As far as the kitchen, you want to think sustainable. Obviously, a fresh coat of paint and any needed work on cabinetry is a must. But, if you want a smart return on investment, replace your old kitchen appliances with star-rated, energy efficient ones. Moreover, install proper task lighting since this is a very important bit for the kitchen space.

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can go about your home remodeling and adding the luxury feel and look. After all, what you’re going to do first and where you’re going to invest all depends on whether you want to sell your home or make a better personal environment for yourself. Do your best to balance the budget-friendly and investment projects to achieve the perfect home look in the most cost-effective way possible.

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