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Products That I Have Stopped Using After Becoming A Mom

We live in the infomercial era. We are vulnerable users and are guided to believe that something is wrong with us if we don’t use a product or resemble a supermodel or celebrity, and that there is something we could buy to fix no matter what is “wrong” with us. Worldwide, there are several companies trying to convince us that we require a different cream and serum for each body part — from our upper lip to our pinky toes.

After becoming a mom, keeping up with the everyday evolving business become difficult to me, so I decide to switch over and decided to do what is convenient for me. The first thing that I did was

  1. I stopped going to beauty parlors

Well anyway I couldn’t find a good one near my area and rest of them we too expensive with no results. To be honest I do go sometimes (in 6-7 months, I guess), just to get my skin pampered from someone else. Doing so I realized, I didn’t really require these services and mostly eat and drink better to have a better skin. But what about the basic grooming, eyebrows, upper-lips, getting rid of unwanted hairs, haircuts etc.??

I learned how to thread during my college days, so for eyebrows and upper lips, thing got sorted. Thankfully, I am blessed to not have much un-wanted hairs, so waxing was not a concern. And on the top of it razors suited me. So it was a win win for me.

  • Toner

Toner is best for girls with big pores and excessive oil on their face; and for those with sensitive skin, a gentle toner is worth using. My skin type is jack of all trades, and over the time I realized, it was not for me and it’s just an extra step to pick more money out of your pocket.

  • Age-reversing products

Anti-aging averting is one thing, but trying to reverse signs of aging with a product is some other story. A very less percent of improvement can be seen in people who have wrinkles and fine lines through OTC anti-aging products. Huge improvement can be seen only through surgical procedure or by using a prescription.

  • Facial Masks

The same is the case with facial masks and serums. While these are fun to do and helps to de-stress. Originally masks were necessary to utilize after facial procedures to soothe sensitive skin, and so they were believed a “fluffy” skincare product. Not one that requires to be utilized often.

  • Sanitary Pads

First of all Stop saying “sanitary”

Don’t say sanitary protection, don’t say sanitary wear, don’t say sanitary towels. It’s high time to comprehend that periods aren’t any more unsanitary compared any other bodily function. Of all the sticky stuff that comes out of our bodies, menstruation are the only thing we portray as sanitation so plainly, and we need to stop doing this. When pads were first introduced, they told us that using pads will help us stay clean and are cleaner than our bodies. Actually – vaginas are self-cleaning. Most of the women have no idea how much unsanitary it is. This is why I started using menstrual cups.

  • Hygiene products
Same goes for saying “hygiene”

We live in a place with infrastructure that incorporates sewage systems, running water and bins, we’ve got enough privilege and not to worry normally about hygiene. We surely, manage our personal levels of cleanliness.

Language affects the way we consume

Like I said vaginas are self-cleaning and you surely don’t require any intimate wash for that. Check out this video to know more from the expert Dr. Farah Adam, she is a Mother, Doctor, Author, Blogger, YouTuber
Family physician and Specialises in postpartum care and breastfeeding support.

Once I stopped using these products, it truly helped me the real aspects of things and embrace my natural self. And the most valuable thing that I got out of this change so far is to always carry you with confidence. How romantic is that? Also, it wasn’t really a big deal at all. I like the ways things are now, especially during these quarantine times, when fewer products are available at our doorstep.

Sometimes, the big guns are necessary, and I’m all for that. But for me, taking a break from these products worked wonders, and if you’re game, it’s worth a shot.

Would love to hear of your experiment too! If you liked my article, do share, comment and show some love. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Products That I Have Stopped Using After Becoming A Mom

  1. That’s a great list. Glad you stopped using them and it worked well for you. One needs to keep experimenting and not go by what the world says to see what is good for us

  2. Again a unique topic and I suddenly realise I had given up so many products too after embracing motherhood and often rely on my kitchen ingredients

  3. I am also not a parlour person in 3month ,I go for facial but for waxing I have to take service.You are lucky you have less unwanted hair ,I just bought wax and done myself.

  4. That is a refreshingly honest take on things. I must admit I was unable to give these things up!

  5. An honest post straight from a confident woman, I also find anti-aging products are worthless, I believe yoga practice balanced meal and discipline are the major factor behind all the shines of one’s personality.

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