Preparing Children for Success in Future

Every child is born with some or the other qualities. We often seem to see those which societal influence has fed in our mind over a period of time and more or less ignore those which child inherits or learns from surroundings. That is how we assess how intelligent or smart is our child and this assessment gives us satisfaction or action items for future. There is nothing wrong in keeping expectations with our own produce whom we will be nurturing with everything we have forever in his life but there should be a reasonable way by which we can convey our expectations or hopes with our children so we can play constructive way in bringing success to children’s life.

First thing is how we define success. Like earlier times – success is not coming first in the class, leading a sports team, clearing GMAT/SAT/IIT etc etc or get a middle management job in a multinational either but success for a child as an individual is taking out all the qualities inside him and carve it in a shape which leaves his distinct identity. This generation is fortunate enough to get such platform which recognizes arts, sports and academics all as part of talent. We have got specialists/professionals who grow out bud into blooming flowers by technically specializing their skills. We can get literally everything for what we can pay for…!

But what if your child isn’t serious about anything..?

Second thing which I am mentioning here tries to enlighten such parents whose children neither have interest in study nor in play. Such children like being free always. These kind of children do not like boundaries/targets/limits. The fact is that as the younger the generation is the smarter they are – capable of learning has improved, speaking skills, understanding, emotions everything they have learnt faster than older ones. But most of this generation children are found to be lying in the “free” category. This is where our opportunity lies. This gives parents open chance to pour in choices to their children. Have them explore a whole arena of things that interest them i a fun way. You too should be a part of the interaction  not as a guide but as a learner. For example – you want your children to learn Russian dance – Hopak, so you also join it, to share your struggle and failures. He will definitely find himself better than you which may eventually build his interest or even a clear disinterest. This should not disappoint you as he will know what’s much better than learning Hopak, may be chess lessons!!

Third and most important thing – always keep your child motivated and assign him teeny tiny objectives. Appreciate him when he tries for it. Make it a habit. Talk to him in an encouraging tone since the way you communicate leaves an impression, a habit in his mind – to be listening to encouraging things always. This means no negativity can surround him by his own intention. These small things will inculcate positivity, hard work and loves and in every important moment of his life when you will not be around, he shall take his decisions based on these qualities which you taught him eventually. So then you will realize that it was never important to make him something but whatever child comes out to be, he shall be well recognized and believed for that.

Swati Sachar is a passionate eCommerce lover, creative digital marketing enthusiast, prying business developer and affectionate mom of two little kids. In her free time, she fancies making new friends, reading tech updates, listen to hard rock and cooks intercontinental nourishments!! She loves to write about child and social psychology, technology and inspiration. Write her anytime at You can also contact her at Cheers!

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