Places to Visit in Neil Island

Imagine a sight of exquisite white sandy beach with corals and shells along with turquoise blue seas. Offering gorgeous and secluded beaches, it is a perfect honeymoon destination. Yes!! It’s all there in Neil Island, presently known as Shaheed Dweep, Andamans. The Island contains only five towns, with a populace of around 4000 individuals. Neil Island welcomes you to a serene and calm environment. It can be an ideal wedding destination place too!!

The island is linked by ferries to both the Port Blair and Havelock Island, and it serves as an excellent mid-point between the two. We started our journey in Port Blair, visit first Neil, and then Havelock, and then back to Port Blair, however you can you to make your trip another way around, it makes hardly any difference in the trip.

Initially, we had planned on making a night stay over, however, it was advised to us to change the plan and keep it a day visit only, to save time. The island spreads over an area of below 20 km and stretches crosswise merely 5 km based on length. So we did a day trip here from Port Blair and visited all the foremost beaches, and headed towards Havelock through the evening ferry.

Well, when we reached the Island, we were all starry-eyed. If we would have more time, we would have stayed here for a day at least.

The way into the island is via the Bharatpur jetty. Various cruises and public ships running from Port Blair/Havelock are the only way to get here. There are mainly five beaches open for the tourist, which are named after the Ramayana’s Characters – Bharatpur, Ramnagar, Laxmanpur and Sitapur.

Neil Island is a great place to experience new things and relax with your friends or family, or even chat with the friendly locals.

The sea at Neil is awesome for snorkeling/scuba diving along with other adventure activities and taking in the wonderful marine life unravel before your eyes. For the ones who do not want to go there, there are ample of rented glass-bottom boats.

Neil Islands are overall a very nice escape from the rush of modern life (meaning no crowded places, no cable T.V., no mobile networks, and no wifi, the place feels peaceful, without feeling empty. All things considered, an amazing visit that you deem to be underrated(India has a lot to explore). If you can afford it, spending more time on Neil is an excellent choice for your trip.

Fun fact: Don’t expect any fancy restaurants, accept a few big resorts offering somewhat fancy. If you are planning to rent a bike, No Petrol pumps!!! When we visited roads were pretty bad in a few places, but the landscape made us felt If you feel thirsty try having some coconut water and fruits! It will keep you hydrated, and the mere size of the coconuts will provide you with enough water for the whole trip, remember to take breaks while you hike and drink lots of water.

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