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Places Near Indore – Janapav

Janapav is also known as Janapav Kuti is one of the famous tourist place situated on the top of a mountain in Mhow close by the village of Janapav Kuti. The place is approximately 45 kilometers from Indore city and took us around 1.5 to 2 hours drive on the Indore Mumbai highway, close to Manpur. It is 4-5 km off the highway. The mountain is smothered by dense forests. The hilly terrain offers a panoramic sight of the region all over and is detached from the chaos and crowd of the city.

Janapav is can attract trekkers because of its adventurous routes and scenic beauty. Moreover, there are small hikes across this area which you can take, however, a few areas are off-limits since they are a region of reserved forests along with the military establishment.  The drive to Janapav from Indore is entirely paved and is in good condition. Parking is available and you have to pay a regular parking fee.

When you reach up there great views of the valley and mountains welcome you. I recently visited the place in January and clearly, the monsoon is probably the best season and time to visit Janapav since the overall landscape is likely to get adorned in green. We visited the place but while entering the place along with scenic views lots of monkeys also welcome you up there.

As per the tales goes, it is the native land of Lord Parshurama, sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu. In addition, it is claimed that river Chambal starts from here.

There is a small temple dedicated to him. The priest and his family also stay there. There is small kund(pond) where people from various parts of the state and India visit to clear out any Rog-Dosh. Construction of a new temple is still under process.

There is a snack and tea vendor stalls at the top, however not much to the expectation. It is said that the place gets crowded on holidays and weekends.

There we two ducks in the ponds and my daughter really enjoyed watching them… There is a slide and swing too so if kids are accompanying you they will not get bored.

However, as far as cleanliness is concerned, the place is not up to the market. There are clothes and slippers/shoes lying everywhere. There are no decent washrooms. Food items are also not of good quality available there.

On the whole, it’s a visit good for 1-2 hours preferably on a non-peak day as it gives some amazing cloud views. You are surely going to enjoy the drive over there as we truly enjoyed it.

While on the way back through the village and fields we also get to buy some fresh carrots, potatoes, and onions, at a very nominal price. And since it was fresh produce (the farmers were kind enough to enter into the fields and let us pull out the veggies from the ground) it lasted longer than I thought.

If you are an urbanite, places like these will take you back to your childhood memories.

That’s all from me now, will be back soon with another “Places Near Indore”.

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10 thoughts on “Places Near Indore – Janapav

  1. Fresh veggies, natural beauty, and ducks looks like my toddler will surely enjoy the place. Beautiful pictures and you have covered the place in your post beautifully.

  2. Native land of Parashurama, interesting to know some details about the place. Pond and duck are sure attraction for kids. Looks like place needs more funding to be maintained.

  3. WOw, this was an interesting read. A place with mythological values is truly divine. However, if the cleanliness was good it would be a complete hit.

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