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Photo Bombed

Those who don’t know what photo bombing are here is some Wikipedia ka gyan for you. Photo bombing is spoiling a photograph of a thing or person by accidentally appearing in the camera’s view area as the picture is taken, normally as a practical joke or prank.

With the ongoing November blog challenge, in which I am lagging way behind, I was not sure what to write about photo bombing. There is no shortage of photo bomb images on the web. The internet is bombarded with photo bombed images some are famous, some infamous, and I couldn’t figure out how to go about this post. So I thought of sharing a few of my images from childhood until now. To my surprise, I had to dig very deep to find some images which were closer to photobombing. Anyways here we go:

My mama was ready for his photo shoot (to send pictures to the brides family) and this was me not ready to move because didn’t wanted to leave him alone… After a few years my Mami told me that when they first saw this pic they though of me as his daughter 😛

Me irritating my parents
Me irritating my sister
Now its my turn…every time I try to click a selfie…my daughter is always around…and she doesn’t want to get clicked either
Like I told you…She will not let us get clicked

Well these we the only few that I could find out in a short period of time. You can also check out my fellow blogger’s posts on Instagram under the hashtag #bloggersbae and #sweetnovemberblogchallege on Instagram.

Hope you liked the post!! Don’t forget to check the sidebar and footer of this website for awesome resources! And the upcoming post is about “My Winter Care Routine”.

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