Perfect Gifts for an Adventurer

Do you have someone in your life who just craves adventure? From cross-country trips to everyday events, seeking adventure is just in their blood. Sometimes, these people can be so unpredictable that getting a gift for them can feel like a stab in the dark. But here is a list of ideas that will help you get them a perfect gift, no matter who they are.


An adventurer is never empty-handed, and the most convenient way to put all of their things in one place and secure them is to have them on their back. This is why backpacks are the preferred way of carrying things for adventurers of all kinds. If they are someone who loves going on long, unplanned trips, then consider getting them a good, sturdy traveler’s backpack which can fit all of their things for a month abroad. This can be a big gift, so if you can’t stretch your budget, you can find travel backpack accessories or even small gifts like suitcase tags or extra straps for their backpack. If they aren’t a traveler, then consider a smaller city backpack: one with a million compartments to put all of their belongings in and that sits comfortably on the back to allow for ease of movement.

Travel-size anything

Adventurers are almost always people who won’t say no to something that is useful and bite-sized at the same time. Anything from tiny bike tire repair kits to mint box first aid kits can be a good idea. Think about things that can be useful in a lot of situations. A Swiss army knife has a million functions – but they probably already have one, so try to be more creative and find multi-purpose tools that they don’t already have. You can also get a single item that has a lot of uses – like lip balm – and give them a list of ways they can use it.

A sentimental side

For an adventurer, remembering that there is always a place called home where there are people waiting for them is a precious thing, so think about what can be a small gift that reminds them of home. You still want to try and keep it small and useful, so that they can have it with them wherever they go. Think about Father’s Day gifts and give them a personalized key ring, wallet, or anything that will remind them of what they are coming back to after their adventure.

Something practical

Adventurers, above all else, are practical, and the gifts for them should reflect that. Whether it’s a gift card for an airline to take them to their new adventure or a couple of tickets to an adventure park, you can make someone’s day by planning out their new adventure and perhaps offering to join them on it. After all, adventures are always more fun with friends around.

A place for memories

Memories from wild adventures can pile up pretty fast, and any adventurer wants a place to keep them all safe, even when they start to fade from their mind. This can be a scrapbook that they can fill up with notes and pictures, or a traveler’s notebook that they can keep on them and write down their adventures. It can be something as simple as a scratch-off map that will record all the places that they’ve been to.

If your adventurer isn’t around a lot because they are always somewhere out there, chasing the next big thing, then perhaps the best gift you can give them is time together when they are there. Go for a meal, watch a movie and just spend some time together, because even adventurers need a base that they come back to, where they know they’re always welcome.

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