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The other day,  as usual, I was working in the kitchen, and my grandma came and said to me “Your husband did all the feeding & poopy diaper changing. He is a super Dad & Husband, my husband never did so.” This got me thinking we are equal mom and dad to our daughter i.e. we are called as parents.  We have never heard about the mom-teacher meeting or dad-teacher meeting. It is called as Parent-teacher meeting because mom & Dad are parents. Neither one is less entitled to do any parenting less than the other. So why they should be treated differently. I’ve noticed no one praises me for taking care of my child alone while my husband works?


Because I am a mother and only I am supposed to take care of my child.????

This is what our society perceives & defines the roles of woman & man to be for their child???

I am thankful & relieved that times have changed( or changing slowly). Fathers are not just the ones who were sole bread earner of the family and who spend only selective quality time with their babies, while m/others do all everything else kid & house related… My husband has helped me as much as he could(by staying within his comfort zone). And I am thankful for whatever help I have got till date, there is no shame in telling so(because a bunch lot of people think that I made him do so!!! No No darlings, he helped me because it’s his house too, my daughter is her daughter too!!) This doesn’t make him a super  or wow dad/husband. He is doing what he has to do for his kid. He & I have to be a team to raise our daughter to a beautiful human being. If ever I will not be available, he will know how our baby wants her food to be, he will know the sleeping schedules etc .. You’re an actual parent with limits. I cannot do it all by myself unless I’ll get a little help from my husband.I am not belittling anybody here, including my husband.

A father plays an equally important in his child’s development throughout adulthood. Researchers say that father who is involved with their children have children with fewer problems.

Now by reading this post don’t make your husbands do the household chores or babysitting the little one. Sorry, I should not use the term babysitting, because it’s his own kids, not someone else’s. Over a period of time, space and comfort zone they will try &participate equally. How??? I don’t know really!!

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