Things to Consider When Making a Smart Home

Nowadays, most of the things are automated. Regular emergingin technologies has created a buzz among people. Home Automation Systems or smart home is one of the most significant demands at the current time. In this automation, you can control various appliances by using gestures without touching them. If you are thinking to convert your home […]

Best Things to Do in Dubai with Kids

Dubai is like a land of entertainment for kids, with the ultimate in theme parks, water parks and fun galore in every direction.  For a kid, it’s like heaven on earth. Dubai is usually hot, and waterparks are all the rage among tourists with kids. There’s the fantastic Aquaventure Waterpark for instance, and the White […]

A Lifetime Adventure: Buying Your First Home

You finally decided to take a leap and buy your first home. While it’s an exciting experience, there are also many things that you need to think about, but don’t worry – you can do all that it takes to get the keys for the most perfect home on the planet. Money and mortgage First […]

The Secret to Improving Your Concentration

Good concentration is vital for doing your daily tasks efficiently and in a timely fashion. That’s why it’s crucial that you learn how to always stay concentrated when you’re working or running important errands. While you’re probably facing various distractions throughout the day, and possibly even multi-tasking more often than not, you’ll have to leave […]

Upgrade Your Bathroom in Four Easy Steps

Being the smallest room in your home, the bathroom is often neglected when it comes to updating and renovating your living space. However, this shouldn’t be the case, and just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t receive a ton of love and attention. So, if you too wish to upgrade your bathroom […]

How to Make Paneer Kofta

Paneer kofta recipe is a delicious kofta that is soft and melts in the mouth while crisp on the exterior. This one of the best dishes best served for lunch or dinner. The best part about this recipe is that it can be easily doubled or tripled as per the requirement. The total time needed […]

Best Things About Monsoon

As clouds begin covering the sky and make the sun hide behind them, the surroundings get an altogether different shade of greenery and get highlighted more than ever. The temperature is neither too cold nor too hot; it is simply great. The monsoon brings in with it lovely raindrops and rainbows beyond any doubt to […]

How to Throw the Perfect Kids’ Birthday Party at Home

Organizing a birthday party for your kids sounds like the most difficult and challenging thing in the world, and it can turn into a disaster in a matter of minutes unless you plan it ahead and get organized. If you’re absolutely sure who’s coming, what’s going to happen, where the party is going to take […]

How to make Raw Banana Cutlet

Bananas are easy to eat and exceptionally tasty. In addition, they’re loaded with a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. Majority of people consume bananas when they’re ripe and yellow, but unripe and green bananas are as well harmless to eat. Nevertheless, some people dislike their texture and taste. But there are other ways to […]

Choosing the Perfect Swimming Pool for Your Home

Summer heat can ruin your vacation unless you have a proper cool oasis at your home to help you refresh every day. This is especially true if you don’t travel to the seaside each year, and even more so if your hometown doesn’t have a nice beach where you can swim and enjoy the waves. […]

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