How to Make Gujiya

Gujiya is one of the famous north India dessert usually made during Holi, Diwali otherwise any other special occasion or festival. Stuffed with mawa or khoa/khowa is crispy on the outside (not flaky). Today will be sharing this recipe which I enjoyed making this Diwali with my MIL, Meera Chatterjee. Ingredients 4 Cups Of White […]

Getting the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Buying the perfect anniversary gift can at times seem harder than marriage itself, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible task. The main thing you have to remember is not to wait until the last second to find the right gift. Sure, no-occasion gifts are cute, but if you run into one that is […]

Seven Ways to Get More Website Traffic via Social Media

There are many websites that use social media as their primary source of traffic. While it is not always easy to maintain a flow of traffic from social media to your website, with enough effort it can be done. Creating an audience on social media is often the challenge at the very beginning especially if […]

Silent Killers in Your Home: How to Detect and Eliminate Them

From the moment you find out that there will be another member in your family to the moment they arrive, you need to do everything you can to create a safer and healthier home environment for your baby. However, even if you employ a detailed approach, you still may miss several hazards that can endanger […]

5 Money Rules for Women

Having a freedom to run your personal finance as you wish is one of the most important feminist issues and it’s rarely discussed in depth. Some feminists feel that there’s something wrong to talking about finances as a feminist issue, since the whole financial system is male-centered. Others, however, believe that taking charge of your […]

Preparing Children for Success in Future

Every child is born with some or the other qualities. We often seem to see those which societal influence has fed in our mind over a period of time and more or less ignore those which child inherits or learns from surroundings. That is how we assess how intelligent or smart is our child and […]

Perfect Gifts for an Adventurer

Do you have someone in your life who just craves adventure? From cross-country trips to everyday events, seeking adventure is just in their blood. Sometimes, these people can be so unpredictable that getting a gift for them can feel like a stab in the dark. But here is a list of ideas that will help […]

5 Inspiring Home Automation Ideas

Modern technology for your home is smarter than ever before– and also genuinely helpful, not just for show. The most recent devices help save you time, stress, as well as finally placed an end to those times you mistakenly answer the door to that neighbor who’s constantly pitching you something (her youngsters’ fundraising events, Tupperware […]

Things About Life Everyone Should Learn #Self-development

Have you ever wondered what are the most valuable things in life that everyone should know? What can be those life hacks? When we are in trouble or feeling low, we seek answers or say the basic facts. We all should have the opportunity to live happily. Sadly, not all of us know how. However, to attain that there […]

How to Stay Fit as You Age

As we age, we are more likely to say that our bodies just aren’t what they used to be, and participate in less and less physical activity. But you’ve certainly noticed that the people who don’t stop exercising regularly as they age are the ones that we say look the youngest and fittest, constantly impressing […]

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