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Organizing Birthday Amid Lockdown

Having a birthday amidst the global lockdown is, to say at least, pretty ill-timed.

While it might feel like time stood still as the nation went into the second phase of lockdown recently. Well, the earth has not stood still and is still moving. Life will go on even if we are under a Zombie attack. People will age and birthdays can’t be just put on hold.

Many worse things are going on currently, however, it’s only normal to feel a little disappointed if things will not be moving forward as usual. My daughter was due to celebrate her birthday yesterday and I have been wondering how I can make the day special for her. Thanks to the world of audio and video calling, love came pouring in for her all day and even continued today.

So without further ado, here are few ways you can celebrate the birthday of your near and dear ones during the lockdown. These simple ideas will surely make sure one’s birthday to remember.

  • Having a Virtual Party

There are my chat rooms like ZOOM (although Indian Government has advised not to use it), Instagram video chat, Skype, and others that will allow you to connect at the same time to a group of friends and family members. There are many apps nowadays where you can share your screen with the people on your call, making it super easy to watch TV programs or films together as you celebrate. There are limitations but at least it will give you a party atmosphere.

  • Birthday cards

While in normal days, these are a long lost option, but I feel this great way to show some affection to your near and dear ones.

  • Decorate house

You can decorate the house or one wall as a backdrop, click some fun pictures, dance, and make fun videos to bust the boredom as staying at home all the time is sure to get boring quickly.

  • Bake a cake

Baking a good homemade cake, as old times does makes you feel more connected. Like my daughter, if you have a lil-one in the house with a birthday on the way, you can chase away the blues by baking a cake together.

  • Making plans for when a lockdown is over

One of the worst parts of celebrating a lockdown birthday is not being able to celebrate it with your friends and family, so doing something which reflects that you understand how your friend or family member feels is important. No one knows when this pandemic is going to end, but assuring the birthday boy/girl that you’ll celebrate with them once the lockdown is over would give them something to look forward to all over this unsettled period.

  • Food
This what I could make with the limited items available in the kitchen

If one thing will surely brighten up the birthday boy/girl mood is his/her favorite food. While amid this lockdown ordering food from outside bothers us, this becomes the perfect time to gear up and enter the kitchen and test your skills.

17 thoughts on “Organizing Birthday Amid Lockdown

  1. I also celebrated my birthday in the lockdown but I am sure it’s tougher for kids. I though was upset but a quiet day with the family was amazing. You really made the day special for the little one. Pls wish her from my side and I am sure she will celebrate once things are normal

  2. The perfect way to keep the spirit high on the special day, at least that we can do in small one, rest when things get back to normalcy, definitely kids will also get all their enjoyement back

  3. My mom’s birthday was a few days back and we did all of these. One thing we missed was decorate the house. Hopefully other readers will get benefit and not miss out on any thing out of cake, card, friends, food, planning

  4. We too organised a birthday party for my father-in-law online during lockdown, and did all the things you have mentioned here except decorating the house. We have to make the most of the situation!

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