Organise Your Kitchen with these Simple Tips

Has your dream of buying a home that is totally yours come true? Did you buy 2 BHK flat for yourself and have limited space for storage? Then, these simple tips will make your task of organizing your kitchen as easy as a walk in the park.

The kitchen is the heart of a house and the place in the house where laughter, joys and sorrows are shared over simmering bowl of soup and comfort and care is handed over with a cup of coffee. The kitchen is the most important part of a household and keeping it organized, neat and clean is equally important as pans and platters.

Keeping the kitchen organized is not a rocket science and anyone can do that in a jiffy, all they have to do is follow these simple tips and voila; you have an attractive kitchen.

  • De-clutter what you don’t need

First and foremost, get rid of what you don’t require. Items and appliances that you were tempted to buy once upon a lifetime, and have really no need for them, give them away. Or at least, box them and keep them away. Unused appliances, utensils, knife sets and such things often clutter the kitchen space and cram it up. Free up the space to keep your kitchen well organised.

  • Find a place for everything

It is quite important that everything in your kitchen has a designated space and is replaced in the same place. This will save you lot of time and effort while looking for the same. Your pans, pots, toaster, spices, even the kitchen towel should be in a place that will be handy and easily accessible.

  • Set up storage boxes for small things

It is usually the small things like spoons, knives, ice cream scooper, and pizza cutter that create havoc when you are looking for the specific one. Thus, it is better to store them in compartment type storage boxes where you can place everything in one place and also, find them easily.

  • Label the jars and boxes

The maximum time is spent on looking for a jar, differentiating between sugar and salt, admit it; we all go for similar jars for these products. To make the task easier, put labels on all your jars and if you are in the mood to spend extra, buy fancy jars that have labels printed or designed for specific products.

  • Use the insides of the cabinet doors as storage

The insides of the cabinet doors are usually a waste of space. You could put some wall hooks and place your measuring cups, spoons, mittens and oven gloves, oven place mats and such on them. They will not create any hindrance while shutting the door and you will also be able to use the space.

  • Clear out the kitchen once a month

Make it a habit to clear out the kitchen at least once a month. At the end of the month, when you are planning your groceries for the next month, see what stuff is in excess in your kitchen and things that are rotting or going waste. Remove them instantly in order to keep your kitchen clean and well organized.

This post is contributed by Ojaswita Chaturvedi, she holds a Phd in Engineering and has expertise in content. She is a regular blogger covering a wide range of verticals in her writing.

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