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New Ways to Work From Home in COVID-19 Situation?

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to many individuals. So you may be reflecting upon how I stay productive at home.

For decades, work from home has been on the rise in several organizations. Some offer employment as a benefit to workers for the balance that is greater.

And now, millions of individuals worldwide have lately begun (WFH) due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A few organizations do not recommend WFH as they think employees can’t work without supervising. They embraced a micro-management and controlling culture.

On the other hand, which is a more fruitful environment for employees? The Office’s Office or the home office? Well, it seems like we have the chance.

The scenario might extend for weeks or more. It is an excellent chance for a lifestyle transformation. There’ll be no skipping breakfast; you won’t miss the train and racing to leave home.

A joint report by Buffer and AngelList surveyed over 3,500 alien technology employees. It found that WFH’s advantages are the capability to work from anywhere, a flexible program, rather than having a commute.

On the other end of the scale, W7hen team members are scattered in isolation, the challenges of communication and team cooperation become evident. Whilst distracted by things in the home or Visit Best Home Things, they feel attached to work.

WFH is wonderful. It might look like liberty, however together with it comes obligation. To help with the transition to this novel working mode, here are a few helpful tips:


Have a daily meeting with your staff. This could be accomplished remotely (whether sitting or standing). Maintain the basis of holding it brief, and keeping staff members accountable for each other in their tasks.

Have more social communications. WFH could be lonesome, so you can plan virtual coffee/tea breaks with co-workers (using an excellent aromatic cup of coffee). So that you don’t feel isolated keep talking to people.

Daily Routine

Be disciplined. It’s crucial to cultivate Working hours or patterns to be kind. Wake up at your time and go through your routine. I use the time spent commuting stretch or to read my legs.

Dress correctly. Don’t wear pajamas. The way you dress can affect attitude and your mood dress in work attire.

Establish work hours. Flexibility is allowed for by WFH, but the beginning and end of your workday should be as regular as possible. Enforce a stop at the day’s end, and plan then for errands. Setting a goal end time will dictate increase productivity and expectations.

Create a fantastic routine with small exercise breaks. I feel that the mind energizes. The reality is, endorphins are developed when exercising, which boosts interest and happiness levels.


WFH intends you can’t walk by a colleague to say something. You can communicate if the matter is urgent. Such as, after an email is sent, leave a ping or send a text message to the receiver.

Use emoji. Text messages look more formal and severe on their own. To keep messages favorable by adding a face. There’s a significant difference between saying performed and DONE.


Keep the TV turned off. It’s a huge distraction. Music or the radio on YouTube may be better if you are. Relaxing jazz creates a mood, whereas game soundtracks keep the energy level high.

Stay off social networking. We’re all guilty Media, and of the one from time to time may be one if you are not careful.

Separate space to operate from space to break. You should not proceed from the bedroom (the bed is so comfy! And it provides you backaches), and not in the kitchen.

Leave Home. If temptations are distracting. A new environment is a stimulant for care and creativity.

Time Management

Maintain a daily checklist. Whether you work at the Office or from home, it’s essential to keep track of tasks and to specify a schedule for the day.

Use online tools. There’s Lots of software that is free to enhance productivity:

  • Video conference: Skype, Google Meet
  • Team communication: WhatsApp online, Slack, Workplace by Facebook
  • Tasks and project management: Trello, NovaTools, Air Table
  • Standard documents: GoogleDocs, Box, Dropbox

Schedule regular short breaks. Research shows that creativity and productivity levels can increase, hoever taking breaks might seem hinder goal achievement. Get some fresh air outside if your region allows to, listen to the birds, enjoy the breeze, and take the time to smell the flowers, connect with nature with a brief cycle or walk.

Prevent work creep. WFH can be invasive in your personal life. Work can creep like errands can creep into action and your house life. Don’t mix into work hours.

Workspace Logistics

Develop a conducive workspace. Aside from getting a chair from having an online connection and a router that is trusted and book a space to do work.

The guest room has been converted by me into a house office with seats, extended monitor displays, a printer, and a complete suite of stationery. It is well ventilated and lit.

Use a comfy earpiece or headset for calls. It’s a great habit to mute your microphone amid conference calls (unless you are talking) to minimize the amount of random sounds and audio feedback that disrupt the conversation.

Hacks include the Resolution once the network traffic utilizes a coaction tool to talk about your screen, and is heavy but get sound.

For Parents

Keep kids in your programs. At home, children may be Because of school closure. Schedule and plan some activities while you work to occupy them.

Have distributed lunchtime to spend with kids; for example, one partner may have a lunch break from 11 am-12 pm and other breaks from 12 pm-1 pm, so two hours are spent with kids.

Well, working with kids around us could become the new standard from this year on.

Get family support. I am blessed to have my mum watch the ones over throughout the day, together with a helper, my spouse and I can concentrate on work.

This may be a fantastic thing.

WFH is terrific for balance. Performance and ownership increases. It trains people to be focused and disciplined. I look forward to viewing the advantages of empowerment and confidence.

Everybody’s situation is different in terms of habits, personality, and home surroundings. My advice is to dismiss any suggestions that struggle with your beliefs. Tailor of working for you, the method and keep drilling until it becomes part of culture or a lifestyle.

“It takes 21 days to form a habit.”

After a new way of working was it may be tough to return to the old ways.

12 thoughts on “New Ways to Work From Home in COVID-19 Situation?

  1. I’ve worked from home for last 4 years and I agree with everything you have said here. Of course, the lockdown brings some new challenges but they can be handled well.

  2. Great post Niharika and you had summed up all points so well to make it easier for doing work from home. I think, forming a schedule and keep yourself away from distraction is major thing that can help a lot in making this change smooth and easy.

  3. Sine very important and helpful tips for people working from home. Following these you can enhance your productivity and also enjoy the time when you are free.

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