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My Top 10 Favorite Films-Action/Adventure

I am a big movie lover! Yes I am! If someone will ask me “What sort of movies do you like?” The answer which could be expected are I enjoy action adventure a lot but I’m totally into romantic comedies, I love drama and also science fiction and yes I like to watch animated movies since it’s lot of fun to watch them. The only genres I stay away from is horror movies because it scares me but still I like them and watch them in good company.

Every individual has a distinctive taste in movies and chooses different genres. And the film genres are evolving and developing with time. A few of the popular film genres are animated, action, comedy, adventure, musicals, westerns, epic, drama, war, crime, horror, disaster, sports, fantasy, superhero, etc.

I gathered here, a list of top 10 films that I watched recently in action/adventure (some of them maybe more times than I can remember). Now you must be thinking that why I am trying to be a movie critic? Absolutely not. I am just writing this post because I have seen some good amount of movies, adequate to put together this list. Also I am no match to the giant like Rotten Tomatoes and IMBD. Apologies, if your preferred one didn’t make it to my top 10 list!

  1. The Bourne series

Now Hollywood action movies are mostly about FBI, CIA etc. But it is a real thrill to watch a CIA assassin, Jason Bourne suffering from memory loss is trying to figure out who he really is? Matt Damon was truly a match for the role and pulled it very well. It is a must watch!!

  1. Die Hard Series

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John McClane, an officer of the NYPD just wants to spend time with his family, however her repetitively (in all the series) finds himself in the middle of plotting and violent crises where he is the only hope in opposition to disaster. The character portrayed by Bruce Willis made it more appealable to watch.

  1. Terminator series

In this series, the first two films (The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day) were directed by directed by James Cameron and were made marvelously. I grew watching these movies and these kinds of movies made me a big fan of action and science fiction. One more reason to love these two movies was because of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  1. Bond series (especially Skyfall, Casino Royal)

Although, the character of James Bond is portrayed by many actors, but I was introduced to this series by Pierce Brosnan. I, like many others, loved him in the character, but when the news came that Daniel Craig will be playing James Bond, I was not sure whether he will be able to justice to the character. But to my surprise when Casino Royal came I was in awe of the movie and “Mr. Craig”. He put a fresh perspective towards the film, with more jaw-dropping action sequences. I hope he will continue to play the character for some more time as he hinted that he got bored.

  1. John Wick

This series is again about a man who wants to be left alone but is always bothered somehow. It is a must watch because unlike others the action doesn’t involve shaky cameras, well-choreographed actions and fewer takes. Spoiler Alert!! Don’t mess with his home, dog or car, or he will come for you.

  1. Gladiator


Are you not entertained? The answer to this scram of Russell Crow will always be yes. He was truly worth watching. If you have not seen this movie yet hire, download, watch online, buy a DVD, whatever,  Just watch it.

  1. 300


An epic war film with breathtaking, visually stunning, style and action. Directed by Zack Snyder with Gerard Butler and other with great bodies makes it a must watch.

  1. Mission Impossible series

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An action spy film based on character Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise is always on a mission worth to follow. I just can’t wait for  new installment Mission Impossible – Fallout (July 2018)

  1. Jack Reacher

This action thriller movie starring in the main lead Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is set to uncover a government conspiracy to clear his name. Although everything average but since it is a Tom Cruise movie, you just cant help and love it.

  1. Speed

This was one of the first few Hollywood movies which I saw when I was little. This action thriller film did make me love Hollywood films more.

So did you like it!! Was your favorite one was on the list? Or you are not into action at all!! Anyways do tell me in the comments section. Would love to hear about them!!



  1. siddhant

    I liked them all my favourites

  2. siddhant

    I liked them all my favourites good job

  3. Sonam

    I am not a big movie fan, but my husband is..Will share you list with him..

  4. I’m a big fan of action genre but I would like to watch 300 from the list. Looks too interesting to ignore.

  5. Thats a fantastic list, Casino Royale is my favourite of all of them. I guess my Friday night ‘what movie to watch’ dilemma has been taken care of … thank you!

  6. Very interesting list. I don’t like watching movies
    But I will try to watch one or two out of this list.

  7. Terminator tops my list for this genre. Followed by Speed and MI. Tom Cruise still sweeps me off my feet 😉

  8. Disha Bhandari Dadala

    I am a Die hard fan!! Bruce Willis at his best. Also, Gerard butler in 300. Woop.

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