My Journey so far as a MuM


So after spending the entire day, & finally putting my daughter to bed I have got the chance to write because I wanted to share my journey. So here it goes….. My Journey started from being a Daughter – Wife – Mother. When I heard her first cry & held her for the first time, despite all the pains, I was smiling from within.  I knew that I won’t be able to live my life without her. It was love at first sight…..

Being a mum is the most passionate and unique adventure any women can have. One of my sis-in-law said to me one day “ You act different, it’s like you are enjoying every moment with your daughter”, “Its true, because this moment is never coming back” I said. However you experience the role of mother, you can be certain that it will be quite different from any other you have played in your life up until now. It is not like I am the only person who is experiencing motherhood, there are millions of mum(probably better than me) around the world experiencing the same.

It has been a year, of me becoming a mum,  & trust me it is not as easy as it seems(I wanted to write this blog since morning… but couldn’t, because now its not like old days when I can do whatever I want, whenever I want ) . Truthfully,  Motherhood changes you. I will never be the same person as I was before my daughter was born. It is altogether new level of responsibility. It involves total commitment, it requires all of you. It is a 24*7 job that begins right after your baby is born & probably doesn’t end till you leave the world. They become the center of awareness, it is like to be the shepherd, the guardian, and the caretaker of a tiny, helpless human being . . . and to gradually wean and empower her to be able to live a healthy, happy, and successful life.

Mother & Daughter

One day you’ll think you have it all figured out, and then, of course she’ll give you a tough time like changing her nappy…… Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, a beautiful smile (sort of toothless…. well now 4 in front)  will appear from nowhere. And right at the point when it all seems to come together, you take a second look and realize your baby is a year old.

After listening to the stories from everyone of stress and no sleep, I use to feel like my life was over. I was sad. Sad to say goodbye to freedom, to being who I was. But rarely anyone talks about all the giggles, snuggling’s & lot more. I’ve become a much lighter and happier person(sometime annoyed but mostly happy) after having her. And though there are plenty of challenges, there’s also lots more laughter in the house.”

It doesn’t end here as well, you have to face constant challenges from other mums for not being a perfect parent. Trust me it gives you a lot of pressure & thinking. Instead of having fun and quality time with your child you start thinking of ways to be a good parent .

Lately after going through a lot of blog’s & article’s, I started the practice of telling myself that there’s no perfect way of doing things and there’s certainly no such thing as a perfect parent or mother. Just love your baby, be kind to yourself and it will all be okay.

So to anyone experiencing similar to what I’ve just spoken about, keep doing the same and you’ll be all Okay! Share your thoughts too on the comments section, I will be glad to hear them & Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Mother & Daughter


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