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Like I have said earlier I love Instagram. I love the fact that it has touched so many lives and influencing many like me. Although I ‘m not posting much I love getting inspired by and interacting with these wonderful people on Instagram. I still need to perfect the feeds that are arguably the most important part of Instagram(hopefully I’ll improve a lot in this year). It is important as it’s a complete picture. The aesthetics, vibes, nature, etc a whole lot of hard work is employed to get those perfect feeds.  A filter, photo effects and filter apps become your best friend if you don’t have a personal professional photographer. There is a lot more to it. But let’s not get into it right now.

I have been on Instagram for a very long time (@niharika_rc), but it’s only since last year when I started my blog (inspired by these beautiful Instagram moms) I thought of improving and perfecting my feeds. For I have some good 1227 followers and following some of the best 757 accounts. I love all of them some of them have become good friends too, so I have some favorite ones too. So here I am sharing some of my favorites Instagrams cool Mommy Accounts: Colorful and bright ones, that fill you up with positive vibes!


Emily is my inspiration! There you go I have revealed a secret! Well, check out her Instagram account and her personal blog. Even Google agrees that her baby is one of the cutest baby in the world. She lives in Perth with her husband, Australia. And I must not forget to mention she has some super cool Instagram stories. Go check her out!!


This beautiful girl makes me so jealous with her feeds and Insta stories…she lives nearby sea and post some amazing pictures of the sea apart from capturing the beautiful pictures of her family. She’s pretty good I can say!


I am a big fan of her photography style and her pictures are pretty amazing! Her Instagram-blog name is Happygreylucky. I mean… How cool is that?! In her blog, she has some great tips too!! A must check out!!


She is a great human being! She went from a full-time working girl to a stay at home mum, running a successful blog and lipsense business. We both share our daughter’s birthday on the same day!! Her pictures and captions are totally amazing. You definitely need to check her feed!


Chelsea is an amazing blogger who writes about pregnancy and raising kids. Her feeds are to look forward to and her captions are a must read. Soon to release her book!!

How about you? Do you have favorite Instagram accounts? Please share with me in the comments accounts that you absolutely love! Can’t wait to see them and follow them!


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