My BlogchatterA2Z 2020 – Theme Reveal

Well, it’s the end of the March already and we are fast-tracking towards April. The past year I have been very soggy in writing, also I had been having second thoughts of quitting my blog. But my friends and family helped me realize that all I was lacking was ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Consistency’.

Ever since I debuted the blogging world, I have seen bloggers participating in the blog chatter A to Z challenge 2020. I had thought n number of times to participate, however, the thought of writing every day scared me then. But this time it is different, and ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the lockdown, it is now easy to take some time out from our bustling schedule and write down my thoughts.

I am, at this point, not sure what I am getting into, however, I am sure something positive is going to come out of it. The rules of this challenge are pretty simple; after the registration is done we have to reveal the theme of the challenge that will help us to gather ideas easily. Bloggers are required to publish one post every day i.e. 26 posts respective of the letters while Sundays are off.

This platform offers to come across new bloggers friends as well as help you to keep writing every day without fail, which I often fail to do so.

The challenge will begin in April, and I am excited and looking forward to publishing my blogs. I will also be able to read some really interesting blogs too from my fellow participants.

April has been very dear to me, because

– It is my father’s birthday month

– I got married in April

– I was reborn as a mother

– And last but not the least I started my blogging journey

So since I am rediscovering myself every day, almost four years down the lane, I have decided to choose the theme…

Why this theme, if you may ask!

The only and foremost reason is to celebrate motherhood that has changed my life forever and I think this is the perfect way to treasure and document it. Now I am no expert in this department, but there is no harm in sharing the journey while learning as well.

So my fingers are crossed and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hear about your opinions and thoughts on the topic I will share. I hope you’d love to read my post and come by my blog this April every day! I will also try to share some on my Instagram too if time allows.

I wish all my fellow bloggers an extraordinary and incredible A to Z!

Are you taking part in A to Z Challenge 2020? You can sign-up too; it is open until April 5.

24 thoughts on “My BlogchatterA2Z 2020 – Theme Reveal

  1. This is always a great theme to write on to connect with. We all have many special moments that we want to share with others. Good luck for A2Z.

  2. Lovely theme. Parenting or motherhood is a fulfilling yet challenging journey. Looking forward to your posts.

  3. A to z challenge by blogchatter is one of my favourite Blogging challenges. Your theme on motherhood journey sounds intriguing.

  4. All the best! Looking forward to reading your posts!
    Please embed your Twitter handle in the Sharing Button – both the widgets don’t have the twitter handle embedded.

  5. Hi good luck to you! I am also doing this for the first time. So I know how you must be feeling. Unlike you though, I feel the lockdown has made it more difficult since I am now managing both work and home so worried how I will manage daily blogs.

  6. Good luck Niharika for A2Z challenge. The theme you’ve chosen is interesting and I intend to read your posts under this topic of motherhood nowadays

  7. Every time I see my cousin and nephew, all I think about is we had it easier. The challenges of 2020 are indeed different from when we were kids. All the best for AtoZ.

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