Motivational Quotes I Have Come Across

Every now and then we came across some phrases, expressions, quotes, paragraph etc. over internet or books which excite us, motivates us or inspires us when we are in a certain state of mind.

Perhaps some of these perfect word expressions, phrases, paragraph or sections has a unique meaning which we can identify with, or it might stir some feeling or emotions we have experienced in the past or going through currently. Else it simply can be something which defines stuffs so aptly, delightfully or beautifully that we always want to ponder it.

Some are latched onto our mind more than others. I am certain of this that everybody can agree, there are highs and there are lows, but infrequently the lows tend to take more time to deal with. In those time one of the things which I do is look for is read books(which I am hardly able to do these days) or articles. So here I have picked 10 quotes which everyone can relate to and will be sharing in this post. I hope these words motivate you, as much as they motivated me.

If you are in trouble or at a low point of life(don’t worry everybody has those moments) remember you are the only one who can make a change in that situation. Don’t sit or look & wait for anyone.



Don’t give up. I know it is difficult to face your weakness or difficult times. Rather than not succeeding or achieving something it will better to be the one who at least tried.

Remember what is done is done. You can not make any changes to that. But the future is still in your hands. You can nurture your future as you like.

If you want something in life you have the go-get-it attitude, make plans implement then and achieve.


That’s all from me today… Hope you feel a little motivated.

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