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Life Changes After Becoming A Mother!!

I usually share my experiences through blog posts on my blog or on Instagram. Well it is my space on internet and I am bound to do so. But the real fun knows others experience too. I asked my friends “How their Life changed after becoming a mother? And I got some wonderful replies. Today I am so excited about sharing their wonderful experiences, I have linked their IG profiles too so that you can follow them too, if you like. Here we go:

Motherhood has been a very transformational experience of my life. It has not only developed patience and courage in me but also generated a sense of responsibility, unlike what I was actually! says Khushboo Majithia (mommy_records) an Ahemdabad blogger and influencer. Nurturing a little human being makes me so satisfied and fulfilled within that, for me, a lot and lot of issues of my life are irrelevant now. I feel complete & blessed with my life and I am grateful to the almighty for giving me such an opportunity to be a mother.

My co-founder dear friend of IndoreMomTribe, Priyanka Chhabria (mommy_onboard) shares that Every phase of life brings many changes. Teenage, college, job, love and marriage. But of all the phases, motherhood holds a special place. So when I or say anyone starts talking about changes, you will hear an endless rant about no sleep routines, always tired, a never-ending to-do list, missing dressing up and being always on an upright schedule.

She explains that yes the changes we women go through affect our lifestyle, our body and most importantly our mental sanity. But with the time you get used to that messy bun, loose pajamas and the most rewarding affection of your child. Looking at the child growing up, reaching his milestones, clinging to you a little more than others make every change worthwhile. So to list out the Changes after becoming a mom, I would say I have become a more patient person. My heart has opened up to unconditional love and empathy. I have started writing which has been always a long lost dream. I have become a more confident person while taking important decisions. In short, this has been the best version of me because being a mother is the best thing happened to me.

Motherhood – a journey that you once embark on never ends. It’s an incident that lets you unleash your inner strength and makes you do things that you would have never thought of doing, says Ranu Soni (ranutsoni) mum of 4year old cutie Myra, a YouTuber, blogger, and influencer. She shares that after Myra happened a lot of things changed and so my nature. Myra is a very strong-headed girl. She knows her choices very well. I have molded my impulsive nature and became more patient with situations. With time you mature and evolve into a better human.

Anchal (themumstory) a Mumbai blogger now moved to Luanda, Angola said, Motherhood taught me how to selflessly love someone so much that you forget about yourself completely. I had a tough pregnancy towards the end and it got me close to my child even before he was born. After Ayu was born, every decision I took was keeping his needs first. Motherhood has made me stronger and more emotional than I ever was. And has changed me into a more compassionate and hard-working person.

For Richa Sharma (richu1203) she really wanted to relish her motherhood at the same time she never wanted to give up her writing. She recalls, “When I moved to India Indore I have no identity of my own. I was the wife of my husband and ideal daughter in law of a good family. Being a home maker and mother as well I decided that I won’t be able to do 9 to 5 job. Two years back I have started my blog on food and travel and become a renowned blogger of Indore and a successful freelance writer.

She says that I really feel proud when people acknowledge me and say (aapko newspaper me dekha hai, you are a food blogger). Recently Marriot hotel invited 5 celebrated mother’s of Indore on Mother’s Day, I am so glad to tell you that I was one of them. Be a dreamer and always try to achieve your dream. We always comprise our dream because of family priorities and responsibilities. Try to make a balanced amalgamation of work and family, because If you are not happy you won’t be able to make people happy around you either in your family and at your workplace.

Shweta Singh Sharma an Indore blogger ( says that after becoming a mom I felt that my kid has now become my first preference and I am totally ok with it! “Sometime shortly after having my child, I distinctly memorize having the feel and thinking, ‘Wow, my parents love me this much!?’”Having a child changed my life,” “But having a child saved my life, too as now I feel more responsible for almost everything taking place in my life. The only thing that mattered to me was taking care of my child’s needs.”

While Jyoti Ahuja (moms_cruise) a social media influencer agrees that yes it changed drastically like from social level to mental level, more practical approach towards life, more responsible, more pro in cooking as have to be selective now only healthy at least I try too…I was multitasking but now I feel I am an expert in that (hehe) and more energetic. As a mom disputes occur sometimes as my mom science is not rocket science it’s only my science whether it’s related to screen time, food recipes, baby routine, baby toys, baby fashion everything became a matter of concern for me. My life changed or I can say my world changed. Can’t describe in few lines but these are few of them.

However, I have also witnessed the journey of a special friend, Shraddha Sinha (shrady.s), who went out of her way and achieved one of her goals. I was surprised to see her Instagram and Facebook status one day that she is in Rishikesh pursuing her degree for yoga teacher training. There is a long story behind it which I will hopefully cover in a post one day(soon), She says that when your life is so busy and suddenly you get a break from it you start thinking about your children’s family how they will manage without you. Their routine, studies, food everything is incomplete without you. So was it with, me I got a chance to spend ‘me time” for a month. I needed to leave them for a month but that was a struggle between a girl and a mother’s life. The girl wanted to go but the mother was worried about kids.

Nidhi Sharma (nidhi.virat) a TikToker and a dear friend reflect on her motherhood journey and says that prior to my son was born I was careless and never took care of myself. But in 20 days after he was born, I was hospitalized and then I realized self-worth and the role of a mother in a child’s life. I decided then to take care of self whether through exercise or a healthy diet because that helps me to stay active for my son. After becoming a mother I realized my self-worth.

Manali Tiwari (mommywood_India) needs no introduction if you are on IG, as her fun videos have made us laugh always. She says that “Motherhood changed me, but changed me for good. After having my son, I kind of felt alone. I had to take a break from my career to look after my son. I was isolated and the internet was the only connection I had with the outside world. I found writing and making videos was a therapeutic outlet for me when I felt like I couldn’t be understood. I am not only thankful but also proud of my son to make me realize that life is more than just nursing professional ambitions.”

She also gave a message to all the new moms that even if you are home, take it as an opportunity to pursue your interests.

So this was it for today, I hope you enjoyed it. Do let me know in the comments section!! Also do share your story too…I would love to know.

11 thoughts on “Life Changes After Becoming A Mother!!

  1. Yes, becoming a mother is the most amazing, fulfilling part of a woman’s life. It brings great responsibility to nurture and bring up and mould a tender young mind. I am sure all of you are doing a wonderful job! All the best!

  2. Life really changes completely once you are a mother. You experience emotions like never before and the strength and confidence this little thing gives empowers you. Lovely post with thoughts by moms.

  3. What a lovely idea of collating the thoughts and experiences of other moms around! Motherhood changes everything, for me, in addition to making me a nurturer, it also allowed me to become a writer and follow my passion!

  4. So true! Life completely changs after being a mother. Your priorities change , routine changes , the whole outlook changes. Wonderful post . I enjoyed reading about the experiences of different mothers

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