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Kids Doing Chores – Seven Ways To Get Them Started

When a family grows bigger, the housework also increases. Many families might have helpers, but allotting chores to the kids in the family can make them feel like a contributor as well as helps to keep up the cleanliness and livable home.

Moreover, they also learn time management and respect for belongings. It is also said that doing chores can enhance social skills. They learn to communicate clearly, cooperate and negotiate with others, particularly when chores are done together as a family.

When everyone in the family contributes, chores are finished faster and the whole family could spend more time together doing fun activities. Finishing their chores also builds up the child’s sense of responsibility, competence, and self-confidence.

Well, this is something we expect to happen, however, when you are actually on the ground, the story changes absolutely. Kids sometimes make a fuss or complain to escape chore duty, particularly when they grow older.

So what we can do??

If you are still in the toddler phase, we can assign chores that are age-appropriate as per their physical and mental abilities. Often when my daughter bugs me for something, I politely ask her to clean her room first then she can have the thing that she wants and sometimes I join her too in cleaning her room. Why?? Because she also joins me in the kitchen and other household chores.

I have noticed one thing that is instructions never works. It never worked on me either (grinning…I hope my mom does read this post, but she will, she waits every day for my posts to be published). Well, instructions always lead to misunderstandings as well as wrong expectations. And of course, we as moms will never take back steps in praising their efforts.

Please note I am not sure about teens, but for toddlers, they do help us with chores. Here is a list of seven basic chores that kids can help you with:

1. Grocery Shopping

Kids can help you with grocery shopping. They love it, they might not like it when you go for buying clothes… But they love to choose what fruits or vegetables would they like to have and get excited about what’s next. My daughter nowadays has started telling me that chips, bread, chocolates are unhealthy food, but she can have them once in a while(and her once is a mile is every day).

2. Setting Shoe Stand

This one is pretty simple and major preschools also practice this. Ask them to arrange their shoe and put them on their shelf nicely once they come from anywhere.

3. Putting Laundry

Kids can help you to set up laundry, I usually sort out all the clothes and my daughter puts them in the machine.

4. Fold Laundry

They could help to fold small clothes such as under-garments, vests, handkerchiefs, socks and any small clothing(especially their Tshirts or fairy/princess dresses). They feel involved and have nice talks during laundry folding time or sing songs(rhymes or Disney songs are always our favs) which normally seems like a herculean task.

5. Tidy-Up Their Room

Encourage your kids to keep their room clean. Help them sort out their toys and make their bed (trust me they do it nicely).

5. Setting Book Stand

I always ask my daughter to choose what she wants to read and after we are done with the reading I encourage her to put the book back in the place. They way they learn to keep their bags, books and study tables in perfect order.

7. Organize Their Toys

Sorting out toys can be tedious work. However, with your kid’s help, you can only keep those toys which they’ll be using for a week or so. For any toys which you feel they haven’t played with lately, you must put them with their help in a big box to keep inside the cupboard.

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  1. Those are some great ideas. My daughter sometimes does these things but I need to repeat it several times. There is no initiative for now. But i guess remaining consistent will help

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