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Journey So Far As A Mum – Part 2

As I have stated earlier in my post, April has given me the bestest gift of all, MOTHERHOOD. On April 16th, 2020, not only my daughter was born, but so was I as a mother. In my life, I have taken my things for granted, but the ability and opportunity to be a mother would never be one of them.

They have said it right

“Nothing in life will ever make you as happy, as sad, as exhausted, or as incredibly proud as motherhood.”

Over the past four years, I have seen happy times, I have seen a sad time, at times I have been agitated too, but the happy times is the most I can recall always. As a mother, so far I am having the best phase of my life. And hopefully will continue to do so.

This journey so far has been not only about teaching my daughter the manners of the world, however, she has been teaching me how to be a mother. Her giggles after being naughty to teach me to be patient. Her innocence teaches me to be kind. Her little body teaches me the way to nurture moreover just her being teaches me to love. I don’t recall being so grateful to God the way I am at present. I too smile easily these days likewise tears flow also fast. I can comprehend another’s pain as my own and express joy equally in their happiness. It might be the hormones playing chaos or might be it’s the mother in me. I can’t reasonably explain it.

Of course, there have been struggles too. I mostly feel exhausted by the end of the day as well as worrying has become my second nature. Thoughts that can drive anyone mad, however, somehow managing to keep my S**T together.  But the soreness and worries the wash out when you see your little one smiling at you for no reason at all.

I have created my baseless songs such as my daughter and I sing-talk now and then. And crazy dances are the best I tell you. She is one of my best critiques and nowadays we have started deep talks too, sometimes. The other day she was describing to me how she wanted to decorate her room, we were sharing ideas.

I think it is safe to say that ever since I become a mother, I have been more open to trying out new things; I have realized that now I just dive into things as too much thinking of doing everything perfectly has kept me from doing it at all. I have become clearer in the things I want and the way I want. And once this pandemic ends I have planned lots of activities to learn with her. I feel motherhood does this to you.

When I get up in the morning I feel like I have a purpose. Nowadays, I want to take care of myself, I try and think before I speak and am more aware of how to behave earlier I just never really care of anyone other than my family and friend circle because now I am not just living for myself but for this four years old who looks up to me.

Like I said earlier for the world, I might have given birth to a new life but in reality, I have been given a new life. On 16th April we all will be celebrating MY DAUGHTER’S BIRTHDAY, but I will be silently celebrating MY MOTHERS DAY too.

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10 thoughts on “Journey So Far As A Mum – Part 2

  1. It is true that a mother is born the same day as the child and it is a life changing experience for sure. Lovely candidly written post.

  2. What an honest post straight from the heart. You are right, the day a child is born a mother is born too and its one of the most beautiful journeys you take. Lovely post

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