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It’s been a long time

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been pretty a long time while you’ve heard from me… So I should say now Happy January!! And this is sort of an apology/regret post and welcoming 2018… I’m a little late (it is 15 days only! So come on!! And it’s my birthday month too!! So cut me some slack) nevertheless I just had to welcome 2018 on my very first blog post of this year! So…

 Welcome 2018!

2017 had given me a lot of things! Made me understand things better, full of moments – both good and bad. I think this is normal when you grow, isn’t it? As the year was coming to an end, I had that bittersweet feel… I was kind of sad that 2017 was over, mostly I didn’t realize it ended so fast but I was also grateful for the happy moments and I was praying for a better and more positive 2018.

Also this year again we didn’t went for a single trip to any place. Hope 2018 will not disappoint in that way. 2017 end and 2018 beginning has been very eventful, not that it was something big, but the most important things (at least for me) such as spending new years with my family and friends, specially with friends with whom I met after more or less 2-3 years.

So basically, when I came back to my place(Indore) I felt a little isolated,( thank god that my best friend is in town and we met after a long time) apart from official work I was not very much active and I’m fully not proud of myself… I couldn’t even start writing which I am founding most interesting to do nowadays. Mostly, people around us have an immense affect on us. And this something which  I need to focus on since it’s making me whichever sad or happy … sucks all my energy or motivates me … I don’t want to go further into that but they are making me feel worse. They might not know it or realize it or understand the whole situation. But I’m sick of it.

I feel annoyed for feeling this way. And I hate fighting within and above all I hate the pretending phase when we pretend that everything is all right. This is not me.

Anyways, I assured myself for a modification so now here it begins. I’m resolute to work on myself and get over it. I won’t let this take over me, especially now that it’s the beginning of the year. I find this time of the year irresistible. I will do whatever it takes … I’ll be working hard to write better and try new things. I will be grateful for any kind of help. I really need it. I will not say that these are my resolutions because they are a big deal for me… So I think I’ll just stick to improving, learning and most of all practicing patience

I hope you will not judge me insensitively and you’ll nevertheless be around… Sorry if my post made you feel negative… I promise you, better posts are coming! Also, I am grateful of all of you for reading my blog. It really means a lot to me! You give me the guts to continue and I’m sure that 2017 wouldn’t have been the same without you guys… Thanks for all the support and for all your lovely comments…

See ya’ll soon!! Till then take good care of yourself! Lots of Love.




  1. Life isn’t always perfect and I really like that you wrote something raw instead of pretending that everything is always perfect! And I love that you are striving for better! Honestly, thanks for sharing and hope 2018 brings you happiness!

    1. Thanks Helen for the read!! I really appreciate it!! And thanks again for the motivation 🤗

  2. Hey, You have an amazing and creative blog and I really enjoyed reading your articles. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    Find out about your next steps here:

  3. Mommy Jhy

    Don’t feel sad, what you’re feeling is normal.
    Hope 2018 would bring you new hopes and dreams!

  4. Happy Birthday Month Niharika! I know great things are coming for you this year 🙂 I love your pink and white theme.

    1. Thanks a lot Michelle 😍😘

  5. harish

    Thanks for the great post. Hope 2018 will be the new era for us..

  6. Happy Birthday!! May you be blessed with love, joy, and peace on your birthday and throughout the year!

    1. Thanks a lot Kelley!! Wish you and your family a blessed new year too

  7. It’s all okay. Let’s say this is the last bad feelings you wrote down on the blog, as remains of 2017. So, there will be only the clean feelings for this new year. Hope all the good things and times get along with you 🙂

  8. Liked your post. Something to learn that it’s okay to look back on what was left behind but always moving forward and learning from the past.

  9. Great work…

    Best wishes from Unbox Knowledge

  10. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    Moving ahead andnot blaming yourself for inability to complete what you wanted to and not keeping regrets is great way to begin the new year. Wish you more travel opportunities this year

  11. You have such a awesome blog & i really enjoyed reading ur articles. 👍

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