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Ira’s Second Birthday Party

I did an almost big birthday party when my daughter turned one but this time on her second birthday, I decided to call only close family and friends (those who were in the city, because my husband’s relatives and my relatives all like in other cities and I missed them big time). But as always I wanted to do something different, planning and doing it all over again was not at all in my books, but I wanted it to be fun for my daughter.

Second birthdays are a bit unlike from the first one, although at this age they don’t actually know anything, however, in contrast to one they can stand by themselves and play by themselves in the play area, also they do not feel lost when there are around a lot of people.

So we use to take my daughter to Kids Clubhouse and she used to love it there. The best part was the clubhouse also hosts birthday parties for kids. Apparently, it was decided that we will celebrate theirs only with few family members along with a small group of friends with their kids. It was fun to see how much my baby enjoyed, running around, sliding and playing with the other kids….wow! I just couldn’t be happier to see her enjoying herself so much and having fun with the other kids.

When everybody was gathered around the cake table and watching her making a conscious and huge effort to blow the no.2 candle, just melt my heart. She enjoyed her cake very much.

As much as the memories are concerned, being a parent, these memories will be forever in my mind and heart, she will have the pictures, later which she would be able to relish.

Here are the primary arrangements we did this time

  • Like the first birthday, we kept the camera charged up for the day. To capture some amazing memories.

  • Birthday dress! Various websites offer beautiful dress, but this time I didn’t find the time to shop online. But I got this dress from Westside. It was light and comfortable for summers.

  • As I mentioned earlier we wanted a kid-friendly venue with colors all over the place, which was fulfilled by Kids Clubhouse. Also, renting a place saves you from the time taken to set up the place as well (which I almost regretted doing last year, it’s not that I didn’t want to, but it is way more tiring), arrange dining moreover clean it up after the magical evening is ended.

  • The venue providers generally offer to dine, you just need to choose the menu keeping kids in mind. In my current city people munch on heavily spicy food. I wanted to avoid that so told them to specifically avoid using spices.

I wanted to bake a cake by themselves but I couldn’t because of no electricity (can you believe it), I always feel it is really a very beautiful idea for anyone’s birthday. However, we ordered the birthday cake.

  • It was difficult to keep an eye on her at this time, either of our parents was not able to be there. So my nephew helped a lot being there on her side at most of time when we were busy attending the guests.

Ultimately I realized one thing that it doesn’t matter how elaborate or simple a celebration can be… Just create beautiful memories.

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  1. She is so cute. Indeed its true what way the celebration is, creating memories is much important. I am also celebrating my son’s 2nd birthday this weekend at a kids play area and I love the fact that kids enjoy the most when it is at the appropriate place.

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