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Idea of Relationship

Everyone wants a partner for life. Marriage apparently gives you that partnership and relationship. But how a relationship or a marriage should be??? What makes a relationship/marriage an ideal one??? While upon internet I came across these words –
“The majority of individuals get married considering a myth that marriage is a lovely box full of all the stuff they have wished for: friendship, intimacy, companionship etc..The reality is that at the beginning, marriage is a vacant box. You have to put a little in before you could take something out. There is no love in marriage. Love is in the individuals. And individuals put love in marriage.”

I asked some of my close friends married and single about their idea of how a relationship/marriage should be …. Sharing some interesting and amazing answers…

Pallabi says, “Relationship is like a butterfly. If you try to hold it too tight, you crush it, if you hold it lose, it flies away. If you are running after it or chasing it, it is beyond your catch. You have to hold it just right and it can succeed only when both the partners are willing and equally contribute to it with respect, open-mindedness, trust, loyalty & Love.”

A friend who does not want to share his/her name says, “Idea of relationship is about someone with whom you can share, discuss and debate as your own extension of self. 
One who thinks about you as they think about themselves.
No prejudice, No politics. Simple policies they apply to themselves are applicable to you.
Marriage should be an extension of this relationship. No Difference in relationship & Marriage.”

Minal Says, “In a relationship, I should feel free & content. So for me relationship should not be a formality.
My idea of marriage is like a friendly reunion of both partners and their family.

My lil brother Romie shares that, “The key to a perfect relationship is all about understanding, love & bonding.”

Snigdha my sis-in-law says, “Being in a relationship is one of the best things that can happen to anybody. It boosts your confidence, spirit & sharing capability in a positive manner. I personally was on cloud nine after being in a relationship and felt complete like never before.
The basic idea of marriage for me was mutual respect, love & support. And I was lucky enough to get all of that from after marriage. My spouse always encourages me in every aspect.

Akanksha says,” For relationship…It is necessary for people to be right for each other in order for a relationship to work if things are not working they have to work on that… Nobody wants to be alone.
Marriage is something where we have good and not so good moments which we live and grow together without knowing whether things will turn up the ways we want them to or not..

Sonam says, “It’s like supporting each other to achieve new heights in both personal & professional ways.”

I am not a guru, but I know a thing or to :P. My idea of an ideal relationship or marriage is totally based on communication. This will lead you to trust, respect, bonding, understanding & love. One where each individual can be themselves without the fear of judgment, knowing they have each other’s back.
Since individuals are involved some compromises are to be made by both the individuals. Making goals and helping each other to finish them, offering support when needed which will eventually complete the family/relationship circle. Things don’t go smoothly all the time, but in the end, you will know you have each other.
It is definitely not about having something in common or having the same taste.
Not being upfront about the things we want from the very beginning as per my belief counts as lies. Also decided that there is only a certain amount of yourself or facet of your personality you accept to expose to you partner creates huge problems or inevitable failure.

This makes me conclude that the basic foundation of any marriage is sharing, caring, supporting, respect, understanding, commitment, loyalty, patience, trust, communication & love. Almost everyone agreed that the following can break a relationship/marriage
Inability to connect

So as the quote come to an end “There is no romance in marriage. You have to infuse it into your marriage. A couple should find out the formed habit and the art of loving, giving, praising, serving to keep the box full. If you take out extra than you place in, the box would be unfilled.”

I hope you have found this blog interesting & useful. So What about you???? Do let me know your take on what an ideal relation/marriage should be. Tweet me @niharika_rc or leave your answers in the comments below!


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