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I Can’t Wait Until…

No one tells you the hardest part of motherhood is when your kids grow up

I read this quote somewhere on the internet and couldn’t stop thinking about it.It was so true, many times when I had a lot of things to do on my platter and could manage to do all, I used to think I can’t wait until my daughter grows up. I have been always warned by my cousin too over time, that once a baby grows up they stop needing us so much and all the moments pass by and then you start missing them.

As I have always said that I love sharing thoughts of these wonderful people from whom I get to learn a lot so here I must introduce Heather Caruso, who is a Mom of four young boys committed to using parental influence to raise balanced, prosperous individuals to make positive contributions to their communities.  She is the founder of Intentional Prosperity and a newly established blogger for – a resource for raising the next generation following the Millennials.  She works in the Health and Well-Being industry for Mayo Clinic in Strategic Business Solutions, has her MBA from the University of Denver (Special Emphasis in Wellness Management) and enjoys an active lifestyle.

Here is her take on this matter, which is wonderful and I am pretty sure you’ll be enjoying this post too(like I did)…

There are very few parents (including myself) that haven’t muttered the words “I can’t wait until…”

Then the sentence ends with various milestones:

  • …they are sleeping through the night
  • …they are walking
  • …they are done teething
  • …they are off the bottle
  • …they are potty-trained
  • …they drop their naps
  • …they can get ready by themselves

…And the list doesn’t stop, until – it does – because they’ve grown up.

And when the list stops, we wish for all those moments to come back because we miss them needing us so much.  Why do we have such a difficulty being satisfied?

When you have four children it’s easy to see how the saying: “the days are long but the years are short” is all too true.  When I catch myself or others saying: “I can’t wait until…”

-stop and reframe.

Don’t allow your mind to think“I can’t wait until…” because this mindset tricks you into thinking right now is NOT good enough.  As bad as it can be (and trust me I’ve been there when it’s rotten) – right now IS good enough.  You are good enough, your children are right where they should be, and the events going on in your life right now are OK. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

My oldest didn’t sleep through the night until he screamed for 5 HOURS each night for 5 nights in a row, my second wasn’t potty-trained until he was nearly four-and-a-half (and we are still working through accidents), my third did not talk until he was two, and my youngest wouldn’t take the bottle from anyone else for three days straight!  These episodes nearly broke me to my core.  These trials were our experiences to own, not wish away. However frustrating it is, it is important to move THROUGH it, instead of deflecting it by wishing for some future state.

Does this mean you have to settle?  Does this mean you don’t make efforts to change what is not working?  Absolutely not.  We can always shift to change things, but this is not a mentality of “I can’t wait until…” rather, it is a mindset of action that you are taking steps to make those shifts happen that are in your control.  What is NOT in your control will change as efforts are made toward that change.

I promise you, your baby WILL sleep longer, feeding WILL get easier, they WILL walk, they WILL get potty-trained, they WILL tie their shoes. Maybe not in the timeframe you are expecting – but it WILL HAPPEN. Perhaps, in some cases,t hese milestones won’t be met due to extenuating circumstances – but this is still your family’s experience, and it will all be OK.




  1. I know so many moms who deflect, find shortcuts for the situations they are in – only to make matters worse. whats sad is they get entangled in their problems more and more, loves ur post and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    1. Thanks a lot for the read Princy and it’s true matters get worse if shortcut are taken.

  2. I love your post sooooo much. Yes parenting is a tiring job. And you feel dejected at every hurdle your kid faces. Its like failure in you face. But things get better with time. Thank you for sharing

  3. You are so darn right. I loved this post. Thinking I cant wait until really tricks us into thinking the now isnt good enough.. I know I am already missing those wonderful moments. I am going to work on cherishing them.

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