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I guess most of you know about the concepts, but here I go anyway!! I was born in the “millennial generation,” meaning those who we born around the 1980s to 1990s. I am 33 and I’m part of the youngest crop of parents. (If you want to know about it in detail, you can check this post of mine.)

Sounds Exciting Na!!!

While millennials are at an advantage point on the commercial or business front and are presently changing the world rules, they aren’t particularly well-liked. They are often referred to as lazy, spoilt, entitled and narcissistic, particularly by Gen X’s who are considered as the best parents till now.

Plenty of us are already full-grown adults now and are raising the next generation of kids. Millennial moms and even dads too are accused of focusing on ‘Me Time’, however, parenting is placed higher importance by millennials compared to previous generations.

Well, aren’t you tired of the outdated, impractical ideal that a mother’s “goodness” depends on her self-sacrifice?

Instead of seeing this via a negative lens, why are we taking it positively? Perhaps I’m just being all “millennial” concerning this, but isn’t it time that moms begin prioritizing “me time”?

We are supposed to feel guilty and feel guilty too for taking time for self or wanting some more self-time to feel happy and healthy.

I strongly believe that the best thing we could do for our children is to be our soundest selves. Not a good thing, or a necessary thing, but the BEST thing.

If we aren’t our best selves—emotionally, mentally and physically —then we aren’t contributing our best.

Viz-a viz what sort of example are we setting for our kids then? What do we have to offer?

“Me time” isn’t just about being selfish and chucking responsibilities, but it is about prioritizing self-love and self-care. And everyone’s definition of “me time” would look different. Perhaps you need to take a baking class every week, or go dancing, or just reading a book. Anything helps you feel more like you so that you can come back to the routine feeling rejuvenated and rebooted.

I don’t have any problem with Gen-X, or else you can call me a silly all you like, but perhaps in this changing times we millennials do have a perspective worth listening to.

It’s high time now to tell a millennial mum to immediately lose their individuality after motherhood.

Enough of the tongue-lashing and expectations and guilt!!

If you want alone time, a getaway to sneak away occasionally. Spending some time with likeminded people does helps feel energized.

So get out there, mama. If you have completely no time in your to-do list for “you,” then do some reprioritizing. You can squeeze out ‘you time‘ into your errands. Who says it has to be expensive or sophisticated?

Think about it.

Here is a video to boost up your mood…

9 thoughts on “I AM A MILLENNIAL MOM

  1. Nice one Niharika. Yes, we can be the best moms possible only when we are completely ourselves!

  2. Lovely post. I agree some me time is important and you can decide whatever you want to do. I have always kept some time of the day for myself even if it is for half hour. Though, i have never left my daughter with a maid, yet we have balanced and ensured we all get our time to be ourself. And apart from my exercise, my blog is my best partner in my me time 🙂

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