How To Market Yourself Better To Recruiters

When we search for a new job or currently unhappy with our present job, we log in desperately to update our LinkedIn profile or at job seeking websites. We apply for a job but no one responds. After some time, we begin to think that the energy we have put into our job-search is nothing but a waste of time and therefore wish to give up.

Somewhere deep down we all know it is a frustrating process. Well, you are not the only one going through this situation.

But before going forward tell yourself every time you feel so “Don’t Give up”. Start fresh, Ask yourself the following questions( If you are already working and eager to start afresh or looking for a new opportunity):-

–>Why you want to leave your current employer??

–>Reassess what you like the most in your current job??

–>What can you offer to your next employer – what is your USP?

–>Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years??

–>Are you flexible enough for the new challenges?

–>List your favorite companies you want to work with..

–>Have I customized my resume??

–>My online presence is supporting my search or not???

Once you have done your analysis, make use of the most popular & common tools of marketing – The Four P’s.


Consider yourself the product, possessing all the features (necessary skills) to sell it to the employers/Recruiters. Refine your resume, LinkedIn & other social media profiles. Tailor your resume according to the job that you are applying for. Make sure what you are offering to the employers should state a clear message. The simple question is are you desirable??


You can promote yourself according to your skills and expertise to various platforms like recruitment agencies, employment exchanges, professional social networking sites and personal networks too. Are you visible on all platforms because of more the audience, the easier to find your dream job?


With reference to your work experience & ability, negotiate your worth (your last withdrawn salary) with the employer or recruiter. Keep up-to-date with the market trends.


Your resume and LinkedIn profile should be properly worked out & should match. Network as much as on professional networking sites, keep your social profiles fresh & update your CV regularly. Make sure you are promoting yourself across all online/offline platforms.

You’ll have to be strategic and proactive in the job hunt. This means you have to refine yourself to get the attention of the employers and the recruiters.

Now before applying for the job do consider these things:-

  • Each job will/must be a stepping stone in the direction of your ideal career. While assessing a position, see if it will help you to construct the right skills for reaching your 5-year goal.
  • Review the Job description, analyze if you meet the requirements or not (Are you overqualified or under qualified??)
  • What is the company culture? If you cannot blend well with the organization’s culture you will certainly lead to an unhappy job.
  • How you will commute?? How much would it cost you to commute every day?

Follow these tips and see the results, you would be happier, I believe so. Share your experience in the comments section or suggest something much better for benefit of needy others.


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