How to Make Gujiya

Gujiya is one of the famous north India dessert usually made during Holi, Diwali otherwise any other special occasion or festival. Stuffed with mawa or khoa/khowa is crispy on the outside (not flaky). Today will be sharing this recipe which I enjoyed making this Diwali with my MIL, Meera Chatterjee.


4 Cups Of White Flour/All Purpose Flour(Maida)

1/4th Cup Semolina(Suji)

200gm Khoa/Mawa

1 Cup Sugar(powdered)

1 Teaspoon Finely Chopped Dryfruits

Powdered Green Cardamom

Oil and Ghee

¼ + 1 Tablespoon Water

Method(step by step photos)

Step 1

Take a bowl, mix the flour, some ghee and water to make stiff and smooth dough. By adding ghee or oil in the flour is called as “Moyan”. Keep aside and cover it for some time.

Step 2

Meanwhile, take a pan then sauté semolina till it turns golden as well as keep it aside to cool. Heat khoa in a pan or khadai. Continue stirring until it starts to melt. Sauté, till it becomes light brown. Took it off the flame and keep it aside to cool.

Step 3

In a bowl, mix well green cardamom, sugar, dryfruits, khoya and semolina, avoid lumps to mix thoroughly. Adding dry roasted nuts and raisins to the stuffing makes it even more delicious and a nice crunch to the recipe.

Step 4

Take the dough and then make small round balls flatten them like chapatti but keep in mind not to make it too thin or too thick.

If you have a gujiya maker/mould spread the flattened disc and place it in the makes as shown in the image, with a small spoon fill the stuffing in the middle.

Following this seal the corners in such a manner that it fastens the stuffing. If you don’t have a gujiya maker, then you can just put the filling in the center of the flatten disc and fold it into a half circle, to secure the filling or stuffing from coming out apply some water all over the edges or corners using a brush or fingers. Now seal the edges through pressing it and use a fork to make nick. Many people roll the edges and corners, to secure the filling, you can choose any option you may prefer. Repeat this procedure and prepare others, also prevent them from drying out.

Step 5

Heat some oil in a pan over medium flame you can also add some ghee to it. Fry the gujiyas until golden brown from over all the sides. Remove it to a paper towel, let it cool before serving it with some.

Do let me know in the comments section below, how you like it.

15 thoughts on “How to Make Gujiya

  1. Gujiyas are quite similar to our Karanji/Kadabu/Nevri.And I didn’t know you get moulds for these too, Niharika. Actually when it comes to kitchen innovations, I’ll be the last one to know them. LOL.

    The dry fruit stuffing is so tempting!

  2. I love gujiyas, and these are quintessential dish for Holi. This time around I got my little girl to help me with shaping up the gujiya. It was fun. Thanks for the recipe.

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