How to Look Beautiful and Sexy Post Delivery

Pregnancy and delivery is something that changes a woman completely. It changes your worldview, your priorities and your emotions, but it also does some amazing (and a few not so amazing) things to your body. So, if you want to go back to your pre-baby look, here are a few secrets that can help you recover your beautiful and sexy self.

Watch your diet

If you want to lose some baby weight, the most important part is your diet. However, since taking care of your baby takes most of your day, it’s much easier to just fill up on junk food. But, eating healthy after delivery is very important—it can help you with breastfeeding and weight maintenance. Opting for a modified version of low-carb diets can help you load on protein and ban nasty carbs. Just be careful and don’t overdo it, especially while you’re still nursing.

Drink plenty of water

Accompany your healthy diet with plenty of liquids, especially water. Staying hydrated will help you look radiant, help with breastfeeding and even help suppress your appetite a bit so that you don’t succumb to unhealthy treats.

Boost your physical activity

A good workout routine will help you shed some pounds, maintain a healthy weight, keep you in shape (it’s much easier to tend to your kid when you’re fit) and fill you with energy and strength. So, find a program you can follow and commit to it! However, make sure to consult with your doctor before you start hitting weights or jogging. Wait for the green light from your doctor (most mothers can start exercising in about six weeks after the delivery) and start slow.

Don’t be embarrassed to seek professional help

Being a mom is a busy task that often doesn’t leave you with enough time to spend at the gym. That’s why many moms, especially in Australia and its bigger cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, opt for a little help from the professional. There are many women who have stomach muscle issues, problems with loose skin and excess fat that are very difficult or even impossible to solve without plastic surgery. However, abdominoplasty or a little liposuction can make your tummy look just as it looked before you had your baby, sometimes even better. However, if you’re not ready for a full-on surgery, you can try a less invasive treatment called coolsculpting. Clinics that specialize in coolsculpting in Perth can help you eliminate stubborn body fat that just won’t go away with dieting and exercise. The procedure is painless, completely non-invasive and gives amazing results.

Take care of your skin

Both during and after pregnancy, your skin changes a lot. Some mothers are especially prone to skin issues like redness and flaking caused by huge hormone changes that come with getting pregnant. Hyperpigmentation is also quite common after birth, especially around eyes, mouth and in the forehead area.  And birthmarks are a well-known pregnancy issue. However, if you start conducting proper skin care routine by clean your skin with cleansers, scrubs and exfoliants you can help soothe your skin and prevent breakouts. Also, make sure to keep your skin smooth and silky with moisturizing.

Get enough sleep

It might sound practically impossible, but you must find time to catch enough Zs after the baby comes. Being sleep deprived causes bad mood, bad concentration and it leaves you with those ugly bags under your eyes. So, try to have your beauty sleep whenever you can. It will make you feel energized, fresh and ready to give plenty of love to your baby and partner.

So, don’t worry if you still didn’t hit your pre-baby weight! Follow these tips and trick and you’ll look your best in no time!



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